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NFL talk, and a look into all 32 teams. I am first and foremost at 49ers fan, so they might get the most content, but all teams will be discussed. Also, fantasy football, because it's fun to play and talk about.

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The Throw from the above picture was probably an over-throw because Blaine Gabbert sucks. He sucks so fucking bad. But there's some people out there who will argue "He sees the field well," fuck those people and fuck Blaine Gabbert. Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. Periodically I will just have to start blogs trashing Gabbert because he sucks, I don't like him playing QB for my favorite team, and he sucks. 

Bold Predictions

Gabbert is getting benched at the half. Kap comes into lead the 49ers to a TD that doesn't come off a turnover, or 1 big play. Gabbert never starts again because he couldn't do that last week. 

Carson Wentz throws 3 interceptions, and the Wentz wagon freaks out. 

Josh Norman and OBJ both get ejected Sunday. 

Andy Dalton throws for 300 Yards against the Broncos defense. 

Jordy Nelson goes for 150 yards and 2 TD's against the Lions. 

Ryan Tannehill throws for 400 yards against the Browns. 

Game Picks

Cardinals over the Bills

This one won't be close. The Cardinals made a mortal out of Jamies Winston, imagine what they'll do to Tyrod the over rated QB. The Cardinals lost week 1 because rookie CB Brandon Williams was bad, really bad. So they trade for Marcus Cooper from the Chiefs who was an instant upgrade. They'll blow the Bills out. Rex is probably getting fired in the next 6 weeks. 

Titans over Raiders

10:00 AM start for a West coast team. Southern heat which is worse than California heat. Also the Raiders are over rated and can't stop anyone. Last week Derek Carr had great Box score numbers but didn't even out play Matt Ryan, let's slow down on the Raiders playoff talk people. 

Dolphins over Browns

Dolphins have to win eventually, and the Browns suck. Tannehill has looked very good this year so far, despite his team not being able to win. It happens this week. 

Ravens over Jaguars

I've been saying since summer the Ravens are actually a good football team when Joe Flacco is healthy. He's a home run QB, and they added some guys who run the 9 route. Ravens going to the playoffs. 

Packers over Lions

Aaron Rodgers gonna Cecil these Lions. Too Soon? Tell  Harambe, who'd probably be a better TE for the Packers than Jared Cook, but he can't because he's dead. Fuck the Cincinnati Zoo. Anyway, Packers win because Aaron is good, and because Clay Matthews. 

Bengals over Broncos

Trevor Sieman is going to play a good defense away from home. that's enough for me to pick the Bengals. 

Panther over Vikings

Vikings have a very good football team. Even without Bridgewater and AP, they should go to the playoffs. But, the Panthers are better and are at home. Sam Bradford going up against that defense? HA HA HA 

Giants over DC Football Team

The DC Football team's not playing one of their Best Players, Su'ua Cravens enough. They're a dumb coaching staff. Meanwhile, Eli has been really good, no one just wants to admit it because he's Eli. Giants win. 

Buccaneers over Rams

Did you know there's two E's in "Buccaneers?" There is, and you probably looked above at my pick didn't you? Well that has nothing to do with the game, just something you should notice. The Rams are flying across the country, and are coached by Jeff Fisher. Need more? The Rams have no way of covering all of the Bucs WR's, and Jamies can throw from the pocket when facing pressure. 

Seahawks over 49ers

Fuck this game. Fuck Blaine Gabbert. Seahawks Oline is going to turn into the Cowboys Oline for one game and this will be it. Russell Wilson will get the lucky bounces he usually does, and the Seahawks will win a game just so everyone can keep over-stating how good they are. Neither one of these two teams deserve to make the playoffs, and neither of these teams can unseat the Cardinals, Packers, or Panthers. I don't even know if they can beat the Cowboys with a Healthy Romo, or a Giants team with a revamped defense. 

Chiefs over Jets

Don't forget how Fitzpatrick did what Fitzpatrick does against the Bengals week 1. He'll do the same thing against the Chiefs and Marcus Peters will make him pay. Can you imagine if you put someone like Drew Brees on the Jets team? That defense and those WR's, they would contend with the Pats. 

Chargers over Colts

You all will one day appreciate how great Phillip Rivers is. You'll also need to note how Andrew Luck is playing really well, but his team is absolute trash. Why hasn't the Colts GM been fired yet? The Colts are wasting Andrew Luck the way the Chargers wasted Phillip Rivers. How fitting a match-up. 

Steelers over Eagles

Rookie QB for Philly. Big Ben for Pitt. Easy decision. Also, the Steelers front 7 is crazy good. Ryan Shazier is the fastest LB in Football, but you don't know who he is because he isn't a me guy. 

Cowboys over Bears

Can we talk about how Jason Garret is an under rated Coach? No, ok maybe when the Cowboys make the playoffs with no pass rush, and a rookie QB playing meaningful snaps. 

Saints over Falcons

Saints are at home, and it's Monday night. It's also the anniversary of the Katrina Homecoming game for the Saints. 

Gambling Picks

49ers vs Seahawks take the under. It's at 40 points, even if one of these teams gets to 20, the other won't. 

Chargers and Colts take the over. Currently at 51.5 and it will be hire. Neither team can defense, and both QB's are great. Going to be a shootout. 

Panthers and Vikings, take the -7 Carolina is giving. They're winning by double digits. 

Ravens over Jaguars is essentially a "pick em" game with the Ravens getting 1 point. take the point and the Ravens. 

Thanks for reading. 

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Can you believe the NFL regular season is already 1/8th over? Came fast, and the rest will go just as quick. Soak it up while you can, because pretty soon, it will be just the NBA and MLB. There are certainly some teams that are doing what we expected; The Steelers, Broncos, and Patriots are all 2-0. The Panthers and Cardinals are 1-1 after losing 1 game to a 2-0 team. Two weeks into the season there are some surprises, and somethings as regular as morning Coffee, so let's take a look. 


An Eagles 2-0 start. Carson Wentz has looked like he belongs. He's also played the Browns and Bears, so take it with a grain of salt, but his pocket poise and accuracy is very Andrew Luck like. Granted playing in Andy Reid's offense, and having Darren Sproles and Ryan Matthew's helps but we can't ignore the signs he's showing.  I still fully expect the Eagles to send a top 10 pick to the Browns, but I was sure wrong about their handling of the QB position. They got a 1st back for Bradford, and Wentz looks legit.

Sam Bradford looked really good on Sunday Night Football. He was decisive and accurate. Not the "high completion % accurate" dumb fans look for, but he was pin-pointing the ball accurate.  The threat of play-action helped for sure. But if Bradford can maintain that accuracy in Norv Turner's offense, there might be something there. That defense is good, they just might steal the division again. 

Mike Wallace has caught passes. I don't have much more to add, I'm just surprised he finally remembered how to catch the ball after leaving Pittsburgh. 

The Texans are 2-0. Still the 2nd worse name in Football (Behind the DC Football team) but their defense is playing great right now. Imagine how tough they'll be when JJ Watt is back to his herculean self. 

I'm Not Shocked

The Seahawks offense has struggled. They played teams who were a bad match-up for them. Miami and St. Louis both have strong defensive lines, and created middle pressure. That's their Achilles heel. Last year it was too, but the threat of Marshawn Lynch slowed the pressure. That threat is even gone.  Even a Marshawn who wasn't running well is better than anyone else the Seahawks have. They miss him more than it's being talked about. What is also concerning for this team is Wilson's "high ankle sprain." If this is a legit injury, they need to sit him.  I know they don't have a quality back-up, but risking 1-3 is better than exposing him to further injury. With a week 5 bye, they should consider this. 

Bills are 0-2. Tyrod Taylor is great throwing deep, great for a big play, but not sustaining drives. LeSean McCoy is in his last year as a semi-effective back. Rex Ryan took the #2 ranked defense from two years ago, and made the #26 ranked defense. This entire team is full of over rated individuals. They're going to start 0-5 at least. 

The Browns are already on their 3rd string QB. When you rollout RGIII and 37 year-old Josh McCown in back to back weeks, these things will happen. 

The Raiders can't play defense. I still don't care how much money they spent during the off-season. They aren't making the playoffs, and they aren't stopping anyone. Bruce Irvin is not an elite pass-rusher. Sean Smith is not a #1 corner. They don't have a MLB. Splashes and Headlines don't equal wins. Cooper is legit though. 

A Rams fan beat up a Seahawks fan at the Coliseum. So, here's the thing, the Coliseum seats 93,321 people. They sell Booze. The Coliseum is in a terrible neighborhood. Seahawks fans are obnoxious. I won't be surprised when this is a weekly thing at the Coliseum. 

Taunting penalties are up 350% right now.  The NFL wants players to be Robots like Russell Wilson and not having fun playing a kid's game like Cam Newton. NFL=NO FUN LEAGUE

Mike McCarthy needs to be fired already. I get it, they've made the playoffs a few times, and he's won a Super Bowl. But this is a team that's not very good on offense, and that's covered up by Aaron Rodgers. The Games best QB, and the QB I think will go down as the Greatest of all time. You should be better with him. Plain and Simple. Their GM also needs to go. They've drafted terribly. Their WR position isn't as good as everyone thinks, Jordy is, but beyond him? It's covered up again by how great ARod is. If I'm the Packers, I go hard after DeSean Jackson this off-season, to get Rodgers a 2nd WR who can beat man coverage, and I do whatever it takes to get Jon Gruden to come back and coach. If you only get 1 Super Bowl out of Aaron Rodgers, you failed as a franchise. 

Predictions For The Rest of The Season

Phillip Rives will continue to be under-appreciated for carrying his team in games. They lose, but they never get blown out, because Phillip is that good. Loses Stevie Johnson before week 1. No problem. Loses Keenan Allen week 1, no problem. He also has as many kids as Antonio Cromartie, and can name them all. 

Seahawks, Raiders, Falcons, Dolphins, and Jaguars all trendy picks to compete for a playoff spot will miss the playoffs. Seahawks have no one on their offensive line who is any good. They've said "this is looking like the 2013 team" that team had the NFL's highest paid offensive line, and 4 of 5 starters could run block. 2 of the 5 starters were Pro-Bowl level players. This isn't that team. Raiders can't defend. Falcons can't defend and their QB is Matt Ryan. Dolphins suck. Jaguars can't beat anyone. Believing something in July doesn't mean you actually know something. 

Joe Flacco will continue to show people he's elite, and under rated. 

Tom Brady will return and show everyone he's (right now) the GREATEST QB EVER. 

49ers, Colts, Jaguars, Eagles, Browns, Bears, and Dolphins fans will start looking at 2017 NFL Mock drafts in 5 weeks. No better time to look towards the future than the present. I'm all in on the 49ers drafting Brad Kaaya (THE U) in the first round. 

The Panthers will continue to be good, and people will continue to stupidly hate Cam Newton. 

Thanks for reading. 

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I'm going to write my week 2 predictions a day early, because I already started looking at the schedule and deciding out comes. For those that didn't read my picks last year, I don't pick the Thursday game. The reason I don't pick the Thursday game is because it shouldn't be played. I picked week 1's because that one makes sense. The players have full rest, but tonight's? Terrible idea. Risk injury too much, and they usually aren't watchable games. 

Bold Predictions

Excuses about Russell Wilson's ankle will be made when he plays bad for the 2nd consecutive week. Even though the real reason he'll be playing bad is he can't stand tall and deliver from the pocket when pressure comes from the middle. He also practiced in full with no limp so the ankle injury is fake. 

Sam Bradford will throw for more yards this week than Carson Wentz. I don't even know if he's starting and don't care. 

Tyrod Taylor will fail to throw for 200 yards, again. 

Cam Newton will get 2 roughing the passer calls after last week. 

Blake Bortles throws 5 TD's. 

Saints and Giants combine for over 1,000 yards of offense. 

Raiders put 40 up on Falcons. 

Michael Bennett kneels or raises his fist in support of the protest Colin Kapernick has started, and we see more players around the league join. 

The Picks

Steelers over Bengals

This was a tough one for me to choose. I don't like anyone in the Steelers secondary matching up with AJ Green, but I also don't like anyone from anywhere matching up with Antonio Brown. The pick comes down to the QB's, and the Steelers is far better, and they're at home. Both teams probably make the playoffs if they stay healthy, but only can win Sunday. 

Lions over Titans

Here is the thing about the Titans, their coach is terrible. He's never been good, but he's in his 2nd Head Coaching job. I feel bad for Marcus Mariota, I really hope his team cuts out the Mularkey and gets him a new coach. Lions are a decent football team, and I really like how Matt Stafford looked week 1. Lions by 6 doesn't seem like a big enough spread to me. 

Ravens over Browns

I think the Browns have a plan, but I don't know what it is. Their not a talented team, at all. Joe Flacco will be bombing that secondary all day. The Browns secondary is so bad, Mike Wallace might have a good're right, that's not happening, but the Ravens still win. 

Dallas over Washington DC Football team

Kirk Cousins is actually a bad QB. His football team is actually a bad football team. I dont' think Dallas will have an issue running the ball. This feels like a 28-24 Dallas win behind the strength of the Oline and running game. 

Giants over Saints

I don't like that I'm picking the Giants but until I see otherwise, I can't pick the Saints against any competent QB. Eli is probably going to throw for 400 yards this week. Too bad Drew Brees is stuck there. 

Panthers over 49ers

Carolina is simply a better team. I don't think the 13.5 points they're getting is a realistic spread, but I know they'll win the game. Blaine Gabbert won't know what to do when Luke Kuechly is going sideline to sideline on him, and Thomas Davis covers his TE 1 on 1. Probably looking at a 20-10 Carolina win. 

Dolphins over Patriots

Yes the Patriots just won at Arizona missing a whole lot. But, I don't trust Jimmy G. Miami for the first time since Dan Marino has the better QB in a game against New England. Don't let the box score fool you, Tannehill was the better QB in last week's game too. If not for this team making mistakes he is the winner last week, I don't see Kenny Still fucking up that bad in back to back weeks. 

Texans over Chiefs

The Chiefs might be missing two starting offensive lineman against a ferocious pass rush. I just don't like their chances on the road this week. JJ Watt had his quietest game since his rookie year last week, won't happen two weeks in a row to real life Captain America. 

Rams over Seahawks 

Guy at work: "Man what's going on with the Rams" my response: "This is who they are, they'll probably beat Seattle now." Guy at work loud and obnoxious: "HA HA HA OK YEAH RIGHT" My response: I just walked away. Apparently everyone has forgotten how the Rams beat Seattle twice last year. Once with Nick Foles and no Todd Gurley, and once with Case Keenum and Todd Gurley. It doesn't matter who is on the Rams offense, Aaron Donald, Michael Brockers, and Robert Quinn give Seattle head aches. 

Arizona over Tampa Bay

Bruce Arians team is not losing back to back home games. They would have won Sunday if not for a bad snap. They're still the best team in their division, and might be the most talented in the NFL. 

Jaguars over Chargers

Fuck Dean Spanos for never putting a good GM or Coach around Phillip Rivers. I can't believe a team coached by Gus Bradley is going to be any good, but they are. 

Raiders over Falcons

Raise your hand if you think the Matt Ryan is over rated??? ( I stopped typing for a minute to raise too hands) and also the Falcons only have 1 good player in the secondary. Raiders continue to set up their fans for disappointment when they miss the playoffs. 

Broncos over Colts

Colts are a 2-14 team without Andrew Luck. That won't beat the best defense since the 2000 Ravens. 

Packers over Vikings

Packers winning the Super Bowl this year. Defense is under rated and really good. They have a WR who is always open, you know him as Jordy Nelson. Also, their QB needs no introduction. 

Bears over Eagles

Cool, the Eagles beat the Browns. They won't beat the Bears. Chicago has a defense that make the Eagles rookie look like a rookie. Also, who's going to cover Alshon? 

Gambling Picks

49ers to cover the Spread against Carolina. It currently sits at 13.5 but I don't see that happening. 49ers defense is legitimately good, and Carolina is starting two rookie corners. Carolina will win, but will be off to a slow start until rounding into form in a few weeks. 

Saints and Giants cover the over. It's currently sitting at 53. A 38-17 win covers that. Giants should have no problem getting to 38, while they have a problem keeping the Saints from scoring 21. Take the over. 

Raiders cover against the Falcons. Currently a 5 point favorite. Home teams usually get at least 3. That means this is looked at more as a 2 point game, which means they have no idea. Falcons are traveling across the country, playing out doors, in front of a Amped up Crowd who have been waiting for something to cheer for. No way Falcons are within 5 points this week. 

Thanks for reading. 

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