When People Ask My Thoughts

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Through the course of any given week, month, or even sometimes in a single day I get asked my thoughts on certain NFL  topics.  Anything from "Do you think Tom Brady did it" to "Would you go back to back RB in fantasy this year?" The following are questions I've been asked since the season ended, the responses may not be the same as when I initially asked the questions, but hindsight is 20/20.

Who would you take with the #1 pick in a fantasy draft this year?

At the time I remember who I said, it was Rob Gronkowski. This was right before the Martellus trade.  Now my response is Antonio Brown.  The NFL has changed, and because it's changed into more of a passing game you're fantasy football game plan should have changed with it.  Some of you are probably late catching up and that's why you keep missing the playoffs. Losers. The reason for Antonio Brown over Gronk, and Julio Jones for that matter is his schedule.  Brown has matchups against some terrible pass defenses.  The Browns twice, the Ravens twice, the Giants, Dolphins, Eagles and DC Football team.  Brown might have a better year than last year when he caught 136 passes for 1,834 yards.  Where Brown should see the biggest spike is TD's, last year he had 10 I'm predicting 15 next year easily.  Brown is turning 28 in July of this year, looking at Jerry Rice, Calvin Johnson, and Randy Moss for comparison the only WR who wouldn't have scored more Fantasy Points in their age 28 season then there age 27 season is Moss. That happened to be his first year in Oakland as well. Brown would be my #1 pick, you can't duplicate his WR production with anyone except maybe Julio Jones who would be my 2nd pick.

Who is the 2nd best Corner after Richard Sherman?

Legit question I was asked. It gives me a headache. Sherman isn't in my top 2 corners. I have a hard time making him number 3, but I do.  Barely.  I go Patrick Peterson. Antonio Brown had 136 catches last year for over 1,800 yards (as previously mentioned) against Arizona? He had 3 catches for 24 yards and was shadowed by Patrick Peterson. Make no mistake about Patrick Peterson is as shutdown as it gets.   Last year was Peterson's best as a pro. Patrick Peterson is my number 1, the numbers back it up. Next I would list Chris Harris Jr is 2nd because he should be. He's given up exactly 1 TD since 2013, and hasn't missed a tackle either. Sherman comes in at #3 out of respect for his 2013 and 2014 seasons but last year his played slipped.  He needs to rebound this year to remain a top tier guy. 

Who is your favorite NFL player to watch?

Love being asked this question. I have so many I can rattle off.  But if I had to pick one, and since I'm a homer, I would go with Joe Staley.  Staley has been to five straight Pro-Bowls for my favorite team, the 49ers, and plays with incredible technique.  Staley has said he doesn't play at 300lbs like he's listed, but you wouldn't know that with how ferociously he run blocks.  Athletic enough to get down field on pull blocks (see Alex Smith QB Sweep to in the playoffs against the Saints for a great example) and extremely quick footed in pass protection he's a marvel to watch.  Robert Quinn who is one of the best pass rushers in the league has stated that Staley is the hardest player to face against, and I believe it. Most people love watching the skill guys, I love watching the trenches.  It's the best part of the game for me.  A close second to Staley is the Rams Aaron Donald.  He is quick, and uses his hands better than any DLinemen in the game, including JJ Watt. If Donald got to rush from all over the place like Watt does he could probably beat him in Sack total.

Any QB from any era to start a team who would it be?

Steve Young. I could stop there, and ignore secondary questions every time because I have that much confidence in him, seriously.  Granted I'm a 49ers fan, but that doesn't sway me in anyway to the lefty from BYU.  Young in a passing friendly game would tear the league apart. As arguably the most accurate passer the game has ever seen he dink and dunk his way down the field at will.  He could take deep shots with the best of them, and none of this has to do with the fact he could run circles around defenses if the play broke down. Aaron Rodgers is the league's best QB, and he is a minimally lesser version of Steve Young in his prime.  With the Lefty from BYU a team could do incredible things, and you couldn't hit him so there would be no worry of concussions.

Who would you make NFL commissioner?

Obama. Say what you want about his presidency and you're probably wrong.  If Obama was white, congress would work with him more and he could have accomplished way more than he already has. Never in a presidents history has Congress refused to do their fucking jobs, but they have without Obama.  What does this mean for the NFL? What does this mean for the NFL? It means he's used to work with greedy pigs and would work beautifully with the owners.  Being that he's for universal health care, he would probably make sure retired NFL players are better taken care of. He would probably also extend the season a few weeks by shortening the preseason and creating extra bye weeks so that teams playing on Thursday's wouldn't be forced to play on short rest risking injury more so than a regular week. Essentially Obama would take logical steps to make the season better because he's actually smart unlike Roger the idiot.  I also don't see Obama making a big deal out of Tom Brady's balls.

Player you'd most like to hang out with?

I want so badly to say Gronk. Dude is an animal and looks like he would be up for any types of Shenanigans you could think of. Also, did you see him at their Super Bowl parade? Incredible. But I'm getting older now, so I can't say Gronk.    I'm too old for that stuff.  Now, it's probably Tony Romo. First reason, we would be in Texas getting incredible BBQ, and he's guaranteed to choke so if I save him, I'm a hero.  All kidding aside though hanging out with him probably means I'm also hanging out with his best friend Jason Witten. A future hall of famer and a pros pro. I think a lot can be learned from talking with these two.

Why do you think Cam Newton is better than Russell Wilson?

Because he is. Plain and Simple. MVP for a reason. He made Ted Ginn Jr. good. People want to talk about him as a runner but watch him stand and throw from the pocket. He looks like future hall of famer Big Ben.  He scores rushing TD's on designed runs at a pace never seen from a QB. 45 Total TD's last year. This is not to say that RW isn't good. He's a good QB, but he's only one 1 game EVER where his defense gave up more than 24pts. The biggest difference in the two is throwing from the pocket. Wilson struggles more than Newton does when the pocket collapses, that's evident from game tape.  Both will continue to get better, and this may change year to year, but Newton is closer to the Brees, Brady, Big Ben's and Aaron Rodgers of the world than Wilson is right now.

Next years Super Bowl Champ?

Steelers. I would hate to see them get 7, but I love their chances. The old saying of "Stop the run and run the football and you'll win games" well that's still true, and they do both. Their secondary is the worse in football so they'll have to win some shootouts, but their front 7 stops the run as well as anyone. Also, Le'Veon Bell is going to be back and healthy. If they stay healthy they will be the best offense in football, and unless the Patriots, stop them they will be in the Super Bowl.  The only NFC team I see that can stop them is the Cardinals because of their secondary and adding Chandler Jones but I love the Steelers chances next year.

Thanks for reading. Have a question? Ask it, and I'll answer it.