Thursday Hot Takes

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I trust my opinion on the NFL more than anyone else's, and honestly you should too.  I have a lot of takes, usually they're proven right.  I said during the year the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, Marshawn Lynch would only play two more years, seemed crazy at the time, but I was right. Kermit sipping tea or something.  3 weeks into last year, before anyone else said it, I proclaimed Cam Newton is better than Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck, again I was right.  Before you think about arguing, know that Cam threw 24TD's in the redzone without an interception, and ran for another 10.  He doesn't settle for field goals when it matters.  Now that I've proven to know a lot about the NFL, here are some other hot takes, I can't wait to bring up in a few years.

Ed Reed is a smarter player than Peyton Manning.  I'll never forget watching a playoff game, and the Ravens come in a Cover 3.  Manning sees this, and calls 4 verts, a common Cover 3 buster.  At the Snap, Ed Reed turns and runs up the right hash mark, what does manning do? He throws to the left hash mark, as any good QB would do.  Ed Reed then flips his hips in a manner no one else could ever do, and beats the TE intended the pass to the ball, intercepting Peyton Manning.  It was a play that came down to this fact, Ed Reed is smarter than Peyton Manning.  He knew what Manning would do, and baited him into doing it. Genius.

Navorro Bowman is worth every fucking penny.  In 2013 Bowman was robbed of the defensive player of the year award. In that same year, he stopped a TD, ripping the ball from a WR, and held onto the ball even as his knee was being ripped apart.  He missed all of 2014. Came back last year, and led the NFL in tackles.  Here's where he proves his worth, he's 28. He's still young, and he looked better and better each game last year.  If Bowman gets back to his pre-injury form, he's the best MLB in football. You reward that, even if he has 3 years left on his deal.  The 49ers are showing players who are unhappy with their contracts that they take care of their guys.  Who has a team with a guy unhappy about his money? Division Rival Seattle.  The 49ers did this, and they are giving Bennett's agent ammunition against Seattle's front office. "Hey they did it, why can't you?" If Bennett plays his last year in Seattle this year, it will be over money, and this will in part have played a small role. Hot Take, Bowman's contract extension signed when it was will be the undoing of Bennett in Seattle.

The Chargers are winning the AFC West. I don't care if they were 4-12. I don't care how old Antonio Gates is.  Keenan Allen, and Travis Benjamin will make Phillip Rivers the happiest he's been since La'Danian Tomlinson was scoring 30 TD's a year.  This is offense is going to put up points, and the defense will be better now that Denzel Perryman, Melvin Ingram, and a contingent of other young players has gotten better. They are my sleeper team in the AFC this year.

The Ravens will make the Super Bowl.  Each year since 2000 the Ravens have the playoffs in any year that followed them laying an egg.  Joe Flacco is back, and Maxx Williams at TE will surprise some people.  Also, the Bengals will take a step back without Hue Jackson.

The Dolphins will be the Seahawks week 1.  The Dolphins Defensive line depth will be the reason the fins pull the upset week 1.  Seattle is bad on the Oline.  Wilson, while ascending plays like dog shit when he sees quick pressure up the middle. The Dolphins have this dominate player named Donkey Kong Suh who will make that a long afternoon for the newly married man.

The Falcons will move on from Matt Ryan. If you replaced Matt Ryan with Matt Schaub, would anyone really notice? Matt Ryan was at his best when he had two Pro Bowl WR's in their prime, and Anthony Gonzalez. That's the definition of the talent making the QB, not the QB making the Talent.  He's the most over rated QB in the NFL.  He's the worse QB in his division, and his team will finish last in his division. 

Jimmy Graham will never be the same.  He tore his Patellar tendon. Victor Cruz tore his Patellar Tendon, never has been the same. Cadillac Williams of the Bucs tore his, was never the same after a great Rookie year. There has never been a player who tore his Patellar Tendon and returned to the same level of play.  Graham will likely return to play, but he won't be nearly the same player when he does. Meanwhile Justin Britt is playing Center instead of Max Unger. John Schneider is the worse GM in the NFL when it comes to trades.

Thanks for reading. Do you have some Hot Takes of your own about my Hot Takes? Let me here them. Also, this photo reminds me of Peyton not understanding how Ed Reed is smarter than him in football.