Monday Takes

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

After another weekend of exciting preseason football, I have some Fresh takes for you. Agree or disagree, at least you'll be entertained. 

1. Blaine Gabbert is the worse QB in 49ers history. I don't care what anyone says. On a 3rd and 7 Saturday he had a WR wide open for a first down, but he never looked, he instead opted to check the ball down for a 3 yard gain. Kap isn't the most accurate passer, but at least he tries to get a first down. Gabbert plays with a losers mentality, and that is what makes him the worse QB in franchise history. 

2. Russell Wilson made his Offensive line look bad on Friday. He owes them some apologies. He was sacked 4 times, but that doesn't tell the story. Twice he was sacked when he had 3+ seconds to throw the ball against a 4 man rush. If you create pressure with your front 4, RW can't beat you. Luckily for the Seahawks there's very few really bad ass Dlines out there. Vikings happen to have one. On the other two sacks, they were on plays the Vikings blitzed, and RW failed to find the hot read on them. On one blitz he called it out and was still sacked. He's still not there as a QB in the sense of Tom, Aaron, Ben, Phillip, and Cam. 

3. Some how Richard Sherman went from overrated to underrated. He was touted as the leagues best corner in 2013 when he wasn't. Now he's hardly discussed, despite his play has gotten better.  Sherman helps in run support better than any corner since Antoine Winfield, and is better in coverage now. Kam Chancellor is the over rated member of the Seahawks secondary, he wasn't very good last year. If he gets back to 2013/2014 from I'll retract that statement, but Kam benefits from Earl Thomas and Sherman. Also, Sherman never has safety help as Thomas shades the other side. He's still a loud mouth who needs to shut up and just play, but he's pretty good.  

4. Patrick Peterson and Tyran Mathieu are the NFL's best Corner/Safety tandem, and it's not close.  Mathieu does more for the Cardinals defense than any player does for their defense in the NFL. This doesn't make him the leagues best player, but he essentially plays CB, S, and the Nickel for them.  He can cover a TE 1 on 1, something no other Safety does nearly as well, and he can blanket the top Slot WR's. Mathieu's versatility allows Peterson to focus on the other teams top outside threat, it's incredible what these two do. 

5. Aaron Donald is better than JJ Watt. I've been thinking about saying it for a while, but I finally convinced myself of it.  Watt is great, no doubt about that but he is moved around quite a bit to get better match-ups, and rush lanes. Donald, meanwhile plays for an idiot, and has been asked to drop into coverage (why would you do this?) and only rushes from the interior.  I'm splitting hairs here, but if I was taking one of Donald or Watt, I'm taking Donald. 

6.  NFL Owners should have to donate the profits of pre-season games to Charity.  The players hate playing them. Season ticket holders shouldn't have to pay for the tickets. The NFL also keeps playing games out of country, essentially robbing a fan base of a game, but to them they're losing profit, that's why they play 2 home preseason games.  The NFL should make the preseason two games, giving every time 1 home preseason game, and donate the profits to a local charity.  The cities these teams play in basically fund the fucking stadiums anyway, it's time these asshole owners give back. 

7. When the Seahawks won the Super Bowl they had the league's highest paid offensive line, they don't anymore. Let's stop calling them a Super Bowl contender when the Panthers and Packers are definitely better. 

8. There's only 3 real Super Bowl contenders in the NFL. Packers, Patriots, Steelers. I will be shocked if one of these 3 teams doesn't win the Super Bowl. 

9. The Panthers need a legit RB behind Jonathan Stewart, they depend way too much on Cam to be the catalyst to everything on the offense.  Their defense is great, Cam is great, but Stewart isn't a top tier RB. He is good in their offense, but if the Panthers had someone else as good as him, or a guy better they'd be the NFL's best team. 

10. People are over looking Andrew Luck because he played bad in his short time last year. In 2014 he should have been MVP, but that was given to Aaron Rodgers. Luck is going to throw for 40TD's this year, and win his division. 

11. Falcons will miss the playoffs again. Remember when everyone said "All Matt Stafford does is throw to Megatron?" Then he got Golden Tate and Tate put up big numbers? Well it's time to say "All Ryan does is throw to Julio Jones." If not for Devonte Freeman being so good after catching a check-down, Ryan doesn't look like anything other than a one trick pony last year.  Sure he was great with the best TE ever, and Two All-Pro WR's in their prime, but now? He's the worse QB in his division, and might not even be top-10 in the NFC. 

12. The Titans need to cut the Mularkey.  Literally. Mike Mularkey has never been a quality coach, and he's going to ruin a promising young QB.  Mariota's strength is intermediate throws, because he's deadly accurate.  But, if the pre-season is any indication the Titans will run the ball, then max protect and call deep routes. Again, Mularkey has never been a successful NFL coach, rather than fit the offense to his QB's strengths, he wants to force his QB into his offense. This never works. 

13. Bortles reminds me of Brett Favre. Not in the sense Bortles will be an all-time great (too early to say it) but in the sense that he just slings the ball around. Bortles doesn't have the "mechanics" you look for, but neither did Favre. In-fact, Favre didn't know what a Nickel defense was called a nickel defense until about his 3rd year as a starter. Favre and Bortles are both "See guy running, throw guy ball" QB's. Also, it's fair to assume Blake has sent a few dick pics in his time. 

14. T.O. can still play.  Considering you can't hit WR's anymore, and the Shape T.O. is in, he could probably still play. 

15. We as football fans deserve to see if Randy Moss can play in the Steelers offense. Greatest deep threat of all time, whom I sure is still fast meet the team who throws the ball deeper than anyone? I'd be so entertained. Also, it would probably free up Antonio Brown to do more, which we all should want to see. 

16. NFL owners should be forced to sell their teams if they go 5 years without a winning season. There's some soccer league somewhere that kicks teams out of  the league for being in last, the NFL should do something similar. It would keep owners from being cheap, and ruining franchises. Think of the York led 49ers. The Browns by everyone since they came back. The Jaguars before they sold. Dan Snyder the fucking idiot he is. It would make owners stay out of football and let football people make decisions, which I think everyone wants. 

Thanks for reading.