Fresh Takes for Friday

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are, the Pivotal week 3 of the preseason. Players try and get an idea of what they'll really be like. Will they be good? Will the suck. I watched some football last night, and here is my take's from the Seahawks and Cowboys. 

Ezekiel Elliot is going to be really good. He gave the Seahawks defense all they could handle, and he made Kam Chancellor his bitch one play. Then Bobby Wagner. Then Chancellor again. He's going to be  good. 

La'el Collins of the Cowboys is the biggest steal in NFL history. Dude was opening up Texas-Freeway sized holes yesterday. I love watching good olinemen. To think he went undrafted because his ex-gf was murdered. He had nothing to do with it, and I'm sure was sad she passed. It also cost him millions, this is just a weird story, but Collins can play some ball. 

Richard Sherman is the best tackler in the Seahawks secondary.  Too often Chancellor and Thomas fail to wrap up and try to deliver big hits. Sherman on the other hand always wraps up, he's an all around great player. 

Russell Wilson struggled with accuracy early. He completed passes but they were short throws that were off target. He rebounded to throw a great TD to Paul Richardson in the 2nd half though. Still hasn't shown the same thing he did during that amazing 5 game stretch last year, but the kid can play. Wilson however needs to be more accurate on a consistent basis. 

Ok, enough of that game, I have some other takes I need to get off my chest. 

Phillip Rivers is the most under appreciated QB in the NFL.  Played with a good RB once in his career. Tomlinson for one year.  Had Vincent Jackson (a decent number 2 WR) and Antonio Gates as his primary targets during some years. But most years just Gates.  Now has Keenan Allen, near the end of his career, only he got hurt last year. None of this slowed Rivers.  If Rivers was on the Atlanta team with Tony Gonzalez, Julio Jones, and Roddy White they win a Championship.  If Rivers is on the Bengals they're in the AFC Championship. Rivers should be a fucking Hall of Famer. Come at me if you disagree. 

It's cool to me that so many GOOD Head Coaches praise Chip Kelly. Bill Bellichick. Nick Saban. Now, division Rival, Bruce Arians.  Don't let the media fool you, Chip is a good coach. Will he win right away? Probably not, but the guy can coach football. In the Pre-season we've already seen him have a QB line up under center for the first time in the NFL, new wrinkles and he's changed since Philly. Chip is under rated by the media, but appreciated by his peers. 

Dak Presscott could start for a lot of teams. I have nothing to add, if you haven't watched him and said to yourself "Man, this guy might be something." You're not a real NFL fan. 

Jordy Nelson is a top 5 NFL WR. I won't even go into numbers, but look at the down years the entire Packers team had with him out of action last year. Lacy, Cobb, and even Rodgers missed him last year. That impact is incredible. He's also the only quality white guy playing WR in the NFL not on the Patriots so he kinda stands out. 

The Lions should trade Matt Stafford, and Golden Tate, and rebuild.  They could probably get a 1 and a 2 for Stafford. Then they could probably get a 2-4 for Tate. Build a defense and run game. Without doing that they are stuck in mediocrity forever. And I like Stafford, but he needs a change of scenery. 

Jim Harbaugh will be back in the NFL in 4 years. I think he's waiting until he beats Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and wins a National Championship before he goes back though. He wants to get Michigan to a good place, and have a successor lined up before he leaves. It's what he did at Stanford with David Shaw. Get ready NFL, Jim is coming back, and I can't wait. 

Pete Carroll will be lured back to college at some point. He's the NFL oldest coach (even though he doesn't look it) and I don't think he wants his College coaching career to go out the way it did. He wanted to right the wrongs of his time in New England, and he'll do the same with College. It just be might an SEC school too. 

You could build a defense with Von Miller, JJ Watt, Clay Matthews, and Aaron Donald as the pass rushers and it wouldn't matter who the secondary was because the offense wouldn't complete a pass. These are 4 of the best pass rushes I've ever seen, but only Miller and Watt get the credit they deserve. It's horseshit, but that's how it works. Donald and Matthews are both pacing towards Hall of Fame careers even though it's early. 

The Eagles trading Dorial Green-Beckham was smart. The Eagles doing something smart was weird. But it came at expense of the Titans who are dumb. So who knows. Last year Mariota had 15 Red zone TD's and no interceptions. Zero Red Zone turnovers, that's quality for a rookie. So what do the Titans do? They trade their best Redzone target.......I hate teams like the Titans who make football harder than it really is. 

Reggie Bush should be labeled a "Bust" but he's had a pretty good career. The problem was he was so good in College it was impossible for him to live up to the hype. He never should have been the #2 draft pick. In 2006 no Offensive Coordinator knew how to use him. But if he were to play in today's wide open NFL? Monster numbers as a runner and a pass-catching back. He had 1300 yards from scrimmage as a rookie. His best year from Scrimmage was just over 1600 yards. But he's not lived up to his hype. Only 3 times has he went over a thousand rushing yards, but he's caught 4 times he's caught over 50 passes, and 5 times over 40, that's impressive for a RB, but not Reggie Bush.  Reggie Bush was supposed to be Barry Sanders AND Marshall Faulk, but he wasn't. Still the best College Player I've ever seen. 

Anquan Boldin is a Hall of Fame WR. He's a tough as a $3 steak. Some of the best hands I've ever seen. Still playing at a high level. He's a "Pro Pro." Also, would you want to tell him he's not a Hall of Famer?

Thanks for reading.