Tuesday Takes

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

My First takes on this Tuesday; If Aaron Rodgers, or Andrew Luck did what Colin Kaepernick did, I don't think it would be as big a story. There's a clear difference in-between them, I shouldn't have to point it out to you. 

Colin Kaepernick's mom is probably worried about her Son's well being now. There is very good chance she is worried that some radical, or crooked cop will try and assault him, or worse. Clearly there is something wrong with this picture, and it's not a fault of the Kaepernick's. 

An Arizona Radio Station was interviewing a member of the 49ers media, and asked him "So Colin is Muslim right?" So because he did something that people disagreed with they're trying to paint him as a terrorist. Which is doubly fucked because not all Muslims are terrorist, not even close. But we all know what they were getting at.

"America the Beautiful" is better than the National Anthem anyway. 

Alright, now for some actual Football stuff. 

The Packers are winning the NFC. Aaron Rodgers will be MVP. Clay Matthews might win Defensive Player of the Year because he will get to rush the passer much more this year. That 2nd part is more my hope because Matthews is really good, underrated even. 

The Panthers will lose in the NFC Championship game. Nothing wrong with the team, they are supremely talented, but the game will be hosted at Lambeau. 

The Patriots are winning the AFC. Tom Brady isn't slowing down, and he gets to rest 4 games this year without injury. Idiots call them cheaters, football fans just call the Pats what they are, a great team. 

The Steelers will lose the AFC Championship game. Doesn't matter where it's hosted. The Patriots will take away what makes your team best, and force you to do something else. Two great offenses but the Patriots defense is better. 

Andrew Luck will win comeback player of the year. He's been over looked so much after a tumultuous 8 games last year. The year prior, however he was arguably a top 3 QB in the NFL. He Threw for over 5,000 yards and 40 TD's while leading his team to the AFC Championship. Andrew Luck is good, and he'll remind everyone this year. 

The Bills will regret the Tyrod extension. Whether by injury or a slip in his play, they will regret it. I don't think it will be injury, but rather his play. This is the same offense Kap looked unbeatable in a few years ago. The divisional teams will figure out how to stop Tyrod, and his play will start to neutralize. They also won't have the same running game. 

People will accuse LeSean McCoy of being afraid of contact. He's been running very gingerly, trying not to run  through people, and avoid contact as much as possible. That's always been his running style, but because he's older it will be "He's afraid of contact" and his whole career will be looked over. Just like Shaun Alexander. 

You are wrong if you don't realize how good Tony Romo is. Meme's aren't reality. Grow up. 

The Jaguars will dissapoint. On paper they have "three first round draft picks" and spent some money on Free Agents, but they still don't have a quality edge rusher. Also, Myles Jack is playing bad in run fits, and they can't maximize Telvin Smith. Here's the issue with Jack, he looked great defending a ton of spread offenses in college, there's little of that in the NFL. He's going to struggle defending the run in the NFL until he figures this out, if he figures it out. 

The Broncos will start Paxton Lynch by week 6. He will make the Goff and Wentz picks look bad. 

Dak Prescott has already made the Goff and Wentz picks look bad. 

Delanie Walker will catch 30 less passes this year. It will give him a total of 62, and the Patriots will Fleece the Titans in a trade for him, and maximize him the following year. 

Chris Hogan of the Patriots is going to become a household name. 

America, America God shed his grace on the, And Crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. 

Thanks for reading.