Preview Thoughts Before We Hit Week 1

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday everyone. Great weekend of College Football lined up. Two All-time great Schools will do Battle at Jerry World when USC takes on Alabama. While I was listening to USC's fight song all the way to work this morning, fully cranked up at 6:00 AM, I think Bama wins. Alabama should win by double digits because USC is still recovering from the ridiculous and BS penalties handed down on them because of Pete Carroll. We also have Texas vs Notre Dame, arguably the NCAA's two most conservative schools. Notre Dame wins, because Texas just kinda sucks now. Anyway, on to some NFL thoughts. 

I still don't see how the Packers don't win the Super Bowl this year. Clay Matthews is going back to rushing the passer, which he's arguably the best at from the Edge. Ha-ha Clinton Dix is under rated at Safety, and I'll say it, he's the best Safety in the NFC. Shields, and Hyde play corner very well. Mike Daniels is disruption every play on the Dline. Also, their QB is the leagues best. Rodgers is so good, that his year last year 31 TD's 7ints was looked as a down year. Also Jordy is back, and he's always open. 

There is no line's that I can see for the games yet for week 1, and probably won't be until Sunday/Monday but your safest bet for that week is Packers over Jaguars or Colts over Lions. GB is on the road while Indy is at home, but those are two safe bets. Along with these two games, I would recommend taking a chance on Miami to cover the spread against Seattle. Vegas loves giving Seattle big home spreads, it will probably be 9.5-10.5 and Seattle won't cover it. The Seahawks biggest home wins come against bad teams or during prime time games, this isn't either. Miami has a front 7 that can cause issues for Seattle, and a smart coach who won't let Tannehill ruin the game. Look for a close one, and if the spread is over 9, take the points. 

There will be regression in a lot of defenders this year.  I think is the year Revis has to consider moving to Safety. I also think Kam Chancellor takes a huge step back, or continues to go backwards like he did last year. DeMarcus Ware will start walking closer to the street retirement is on. Juluis Peppers becomes a situational pass-rusher and not an every down player. 

If the 49ers cut Colin Kaepernick it won't be football related. I watched last nights preseason game and he's the best QB on their roster. I know it was the 4th preseason game and he was playing with back-ups against back-ups but he was decisive with the ball. Kap had the velocity we've seen making throws maybe he and another handful of guys can make. He was running again, he was Kap.  It was a media storm around Kap, but if the 49ers cut him? It will be as bad, or worse as when they moved on from Football. Pictured above, will it be the last time Kap walks through a tunnel for a game as a 49er? 

Dak Prescott will light up the Giants secondary week 1. They're not good, they might have a pass rush but that will be neutralized by the Cowboys Wall. Yes, the Cowboys Oline is a wall. They're great. It will take a few weeks for teams to figure out Dak, so it's important the Cowboys start fast. If they can manage to get out to 3-1, it would probably mean they win the division. I can actually see a 5-3/6-2 start for the Cowboys even with Dak at QB. Giants, DC Football Team, Bears, 49ers, that could be 4-0 or 3-1. Then they play Cincy, we'll call that a loss. Next is at GB, loss. Next two after that are Browns and Eagles, could both be wins. Cowboys are in pretty good shape thanks to the early schedule. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick will be benched at some point this season. Fitz led the league in dropped interceptions last year, if that number increases we might be seeing Geno in the lineup. You know, unless he gets punched again. But who knows the Jets drafted Christian Hackenburg who is more hack than anything in the 2nd round last year. 

No one noticed or remembers but one of the Games best Left Tackles left the game because the NFL won't recognize Medical marijuana. Eugene Monroe. 

Not NFL related, but I am so excited about seeing Russell Westbrook play next year. I actually think he will average 35 Pts, 6 ast, and 6 Rebs per game, and win the MVP. Basically he will have Kobe's 2007 season, but not get robbed of the MVP. 

Minnesota Vikings are still making the playoffs. They will still go 10-6. They still have a VERY GOOD defense, and Adrian Peterson. 

The Bengals are a sleeper team, and they shouldn't be. This could be the year they put it all together, and win a playoff game, and heck even make the Super Bowl team. They nearly beat Pittsburgh last year and should have if not for dumb penalties that cost them the game. Don't sleep on this team being the 1 or 2 seed in the AFC. I still predict Steelers and Patriots as the teams in the AFC Championship, but I could see a scenario where the Bengals make me wrong. 

Falcons will be last in their division. 

Lastly, there will be more players cut from NFL rosters this weekend then most people realize. Each team must go from 75 players to 53 players. There will be some surprises, and some players will switch teams. Hope you didn't by a jersey that will soon be wasted, like a Matt Flynn jersey for any team.