Week 1 Sunday Review

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What an exciting week 1. Hopefully the next 16 can measure up to that. It was a great day of Football filled with great plays. Victor Cruz scored a Touchdown which was great to see. Cruz is a player who's been battling back from injury for a few years now. I hit on every one of my gambling picks for Sunday, with a Monday game still to go. Beyond that, lets take a lot at some things from week 1. 

Top 5 QB's From Week 1

1. Aaron Rodgers: This is really summed up by one play. Rodgers threw a perfect strike to a TD pass to DaVante Adams while being pulled by his jersey from behind. He also threw another TD to ALWAYS OPEN JORDY NELSON and ran for another one. This game wouldn't have been this close if Mike (I only win because the Chico Kid" McCarthy didn't call 3 runs from the 5 yard line when again HE HAS AARON RODGERS. It's fine though, the Pack are looking like the class of the NFC again, led by last weeks top QB. 

2. Andrew Luck. His team lost, but it was no fault of his. He threw for 385 yards and 4 TD's. He's back, and he's only going to get better. Next week will be tougher when he faces the Broncos because they cause everyone issues, but Andrew Luck was once again a PHENOM. 

3. Jamies Winston: I'm on record as saying I think he be the NFL's best QB in 3-4 years. His ability to stand in the pocket yesterday and throw darts all across the field stood out. He was making reads you'd expect Tom, Aaron, or Ben to make, and letting the ball fly deep. High level QB play from one of my favorite NFL players. 

4. Drew Brees: I can't beleive Brees signed an extension to stay on a team that keeps failing him. Their defense once again let him down, and so did his kicker. Drew Brees threw for 400 yards and 4 TD's against a team everyone is picking to go to the playoffs. He even marched his team down the field with a chance to win on a FG that they ended up missing. I feel for Brees, one of the greats and he might never see the post season again. 

5. Alex Smith: He ran for the game winning TD, and threw for 363 yards. Oh year, he led a comeback after his team was down by 17 points to start the 4th quarter. He did it by spreading the ball around, 7 different players caught multiple passes. Great day for the kid who grew up in San Diego to beat San Diego. 

Bottom 5 QB's 

1. Tyrod Taylor: Only managed 11 yard on 5 rush attempts and only threw for 111 yards. Beyond the Stats, he looked bad. His passes were off target, and he rushed to his first read. The Ravens treated Tyrod like I thought teams should, defend the intermediate and deep ball and make him show under neath touch. A QB can be successful if he hits under neath routes in time to allow a WR to run after the catch, Tyrod didn't do this. It was a bad performance from a QB being paid to give more. 

2. Russell Wilson: The drive at the end of the game didn't win this one for Seattle. The ineptitude of the Dolphins and the Seahawks defense did. Kenny Stills dropped TD pass. Going for it 4th when they should have taken the points, or ran a QB sneak. Blocked FG. In a game they lossed 13-10, the Dolphins left 13 points on the board. Wilson threw a bad interception. He was off target multiple times. He also struggled with touch, which is shocking because that's his strongest point as a thrower. It continues to be true, get pressure up the middle and Wilson struggles. Dolphins did that, and Wilson struggled. The Dolphins are not a good football team. This was a bad performance by the Seattle offense and it's leader. Also, spare me the "He sprained his ankle thing" I grew up watching Brett Favre play through every injury their is. I watched Phillip Rivers play with a torn ACL against the Patriots and have a better game. If he was an elite passer the ankle would be as big a deal, but he's not and still needs his legs too much. 

3. RGIII: He still isn't good. Still can't come off of his first read, and still can't slide. Hue Jackson is a miracle worker, but I don't see their being a miracle here. The Browns have talented skill players, they don't have a QB though. When you complete less than 50% of your passes, you had a bad day. That's what Griffin did. Good thing the Browns will have a lot of picks next year to find a QB. 

4. Dak Prescott: No turnovers, and decent box score numbers, but the guy didn't take any chances. He has freaking DEZ BRYANT, throw the ball up downfield and lets see what happens. Instead, he was taking under neath throws and playing it safe. Maybe this was coaching, maybe this was jitters from his first real game, but the Dak we saw preseason wasn't there. You can't win like this, that's Blaine Gabbert level of QB, which is bad. The casual fan will once again think he played well because the box score, but the casual fan is an idiot. Dak didn't play well. 

5. Phillip Rivers: Now, he actually had a decent game. He is in the bottom 5 QB's because he couldn't score more than a FG in the 4th quarter. If he leads his offense to a TD, and not a FG they win the game. He halts the Cheifs comeback, but he didn't. We can put this on the defense, but that would be lazy. The offense should have closed this one out. They didn't. Bad Phillip. Bad Phillip. 

Seahawks Are The Worse  

Where can I start here? I'll start with the video shared by Doug Baldwin, and Russell Wilson. Sappy piano, black and white video, Baldwin talking. It was self-serving false patriotism if I've ever seen it.  Rather than actually protest, they wanted to show a display of "unity." It was false Unity but they did all do the same thing. There were players on the Seahawks who wanted to take a Knee (Michael Bennett and Jeremy Lane are two that we know off) but they couldn't, because the majority of the team made the minority of the team march to beat of their drum. They represented exactly what's being protested; oppression by the majority toward the minority. "Progress can and will be made only if we stand together" Baldwin says in his sappy video, but they didn't support their smaller voice of the team, they made the smaller voice do what they wanted. That's the opposite of progress. 

It's reported that "When not all Seahawks players wanted to kneel Doug Baldwin decided they're not doing it." It's also reported that; "Seahawks planned to kneel together, hand over their heart but some players rejected the idea." Gee, Brandon Marshall just lost an endorsement deal, funny how that news changed how it was reported and said by Bobby Wagner on Thursday that they would all kneel together, changed by Saturday when other players started losing money. Who are the Seahawks who stand to lose endorsements? Baldwin, Sherman, Wilson (Russell not Luke) I can take a pretty educated guess they didn't stand to kneel with their team. They didn't want to risk anything for a cause bigger than themselves, they'd rather be self-serving. If you're going to protest, ACTUALLY PROTEST don't be amenable. You can't make change going with the grain, if they actually cared they'd take risks. Even if Doug Baldwin wants to harvest a sappy quote from Martin Luther King Jr and take it out of context, the Seahawks did no good for anyone but themselves. MLK wasn't some "all we need is love and unity figure" that he's made out to be. He fought hard against inequalities, and injustice. Everything he did was the opposite of what the majority wanted, everything the Seahawks just did is exactly what the majority wanted. The actions of the Seahawks lacked courage, and any back bone. They're being applauded because people love this sappy shit of togetherness and unity, but there cannot be togetherness until people are all treated equally. There are players protesting for equality in all sports across the country, while the Seahawks are selfishly standing for themselves. 

I'll end this part with a Martin Luther King Jr quote I think is appropriate; "Cowardice asks the Questions-Is it Safe? Expediency asks the Question-Is it politic? Vanity asks the question is it popular? But conscience asks the question-is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take because it is right." 

Hot Takes

I've said it and I've said and I've said it, and I will say it again, the Raiders are not making the playoffs. The Raiders gave up 400 yards in the air, and two different 100 yard WR's, but they still won. They won because they played the worse secondary in football. They don't get that when they play the Broncos and Cheifs twice. They don't get that against the Jaguars, or the Bucs, or the Bills or the Panthers or the Ravens. The Raiders will need to stop offenses when they play better defenses, and I don't think they're ready yet. 

Tyrod Taylor will get cut in two years. Much like Kaepernick struggled with under neath throws in Greg Roman's offense Tyrod does as well. While Tyrod is an above average QB, he isn't worth the money he would start making in two years. I said he'd be the starter when he first signed there, and thought he'd do well but now the Bills are needing him to carry the team. Not going to happen, he isn't that guy and won't be that guy. He will play better than he did last week, but he won't lead them to wins without a stout defense and run game, and Shady McCoy is again and will be finished soon. All spells back to being a back up for Tyrod. 

Jerry Jones should trade two #1 picks this offseason for Phillip Rivers and let Tony Romo retire or cut him. Romo is playing with fire if he keeps playing, I'm a huge fan of his but I don't want to see the guy not be able to walk in 10 years. Rivers is as good as anyone at QB right now and the Cowboys are a Super Bowl contender with him or Romo. San Diego owes Rivers many apologies for building bad teams around him, and he would fit in perfectly in Texas. Make it happen Jerry. 

The Ravens are making the playoffs. I may have said this before, but I'll just say it again. A Harbaugh coached team will always be tough to beat. We will see 3 teams from this division make the playoffs, and they're one. 

Dan Quinn should be fired already. He's a defensive minded coach who has a bad defense. They've gotten just 19 sacks in 17 games. The issue with hiring defensive coordinators who worked under Pete Carroll is that defense is ran by Pete. He learned the system as a 49ers defensive assistant under George Siefert and he implements it. Quinn is trying to run that system and can't. He'll be back with the Seahawks soon. 

The Giants should be a sleeper team in the NFC. It just seems like this is one of those years Eli goes on a post season run. I predicted them to lose and was wrong. Their Defensive line stopped the run and generated pressure, and Eli was out there making throws when they counted. Eli is one of those QB's you don't want to see in the Playoffs. I'd be worried if they got in and I was a fan of a playoff team this year. 

There are people who don't like Tom Brady, you don't want those people in your life. They are bad people, and they're idiots. 

The 49ers are probably trading for Jimmy Garoppolo now.  I don't know how I feel about this.

Christine Michael is better than Thomas Rawls, and it showed yesterday, but the team still misses 24. 

Brock Osweiler looks like a less tan and taller version of Mark Sanchez. 

A.J. McCarron would be a top 15 starter in the NFL right now because the QB position is absolute shit. 


Fantasy Advice 

Don't over react to week one. Let a few weeks play out before you do something drastic. 

Thanks for reading.