Week 2 Review

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Can you believe the NFL regular season is already 1/8th over? Came fast, and the rest will go just as quick. Soak it up while you can, because pretty soon, it will be just the NBA and MLB. There are certainly some teams that are doing what we expected; The Steelers, Broncos, and Patriots are all 2-0. The Panthers and Cardinals are 1-1 after losing 1 game to a 2-0 team. Two weeks into the season there are some surprises, and somethings as regular as morning Coffee, so let's take a look. 


An Eagles 2-0 start. Carson Wentz has looked like he belongs. He's also played the Browns and Bears, so take it with a grain of salt, but his pocket poise and accuracy is very Andrew Luck like. Granted playing in Andy Reid's offense, and having Darren Sproles and Ryan Matthew's helps but we can't ignore the signs he's showing.  I still fully expect the Eagles to send a top 10 pick to the Browns, but I was sure wrong about their handling of the QB position. They got a 1st back for Bradford, and Wentz looks legit.

Sam Bradford looked really good on Sunday Night Football. He was decisive and accurate. Not the "high completion % accurate" dumb fans look for, but he was pin-pointing the ball accurate.  The threat of play-action helped for sure. But if Bradford can maintain that accuracy in Norv Turner's offense, there might be something there. That defense is good, they just might steal the division again. 

Mike Wallace has caught passes. I don't have much more to add, I'm just surprised he finally remembered how to catch the ball after leaving Pittsburgh. 

The Texans are 2-0. Still the 2nd worse name in Football (Behind the DC Football team) but their defense is playing great right now. Imagine how tough they'll be when JJ Watt is back to his herculean self. 

I'm Not Shocked

The Seahawks offense has struggled. They played teams who were a bad match-up for them. Miami and St. Louis both have strong defensive lines, and created middle pressure. That's their Achilles heel. Last year it was too, but the threat of Marshawn Lynch slowed the pressure. That threat is even gone.  Even a Marshawn who wasn't running well is better than anyone else the Seahawks have. They miss him more than it's being talked about. What is also concerning for this team is Wilson's "high ankle sprain." If this is a legit injury, they need to sit him.  I know they don't have a quality back-up, but risking 1-3 is better than exposing him to further injury. With a week 5 bye, they should consider this. 

Bills are 0-2. Tyrod Taylor is great throwing deep, great for a big play, but not sustaining drives. LeSean McCoy is in his last year as a semi-effective back. Rex Ryan took the #2 ranked defense from two years ago, and made the #26 ranked defense. This entire team is full of over rated individuals. They're going to start 0-5 at least. 

The Browns are already on their 3rd string QB. When you rollout RGIII and 37 year-old Josh McCown in back to back weeks, these things will happen. 

The Raiders can't play defense. I still don't care how much money they spent during the off-season. They aren't making the playoffs, and they aren't stopping anyone. Bruce Irvin is not an elite pass-rusher. Sean Smith is not a #1 corner. They don't have a MLB. Splashes and Headlines don't equal wins. Cooper is legit though. 

A Rams fan beat up a Seahawks fan at the Coliseum. So, here's the thing, the Coliseum seats 93,321 people. They sell Booze. The Coliseum is in a terrible neighborhood. Seahawks fans are obnoxious. I won't be surprised when this is a weekly thing at the Coliseum. 

Taunting penalties are up 350% right now.  The NFL wants players to be Robots like Russell Wilson and not having fun playing a kid's game like Cam Newton. NFL=NO FUN LEAGUE

Mike McCarthy needs to be fired already. I get it, they've made the playoffs a few times, and he's won a Super Bowl. But this is a team that's not very good on offense, and that's covered up by Aaron Rodgers. The Games best QB, and the QB I think will go down as the Greatest of all time. You should be better with him. Plain and Simple. Their GM also needs to go. They've drafted terribly. Their WR position isn't as good as everyone thinks, Jordy is, but beyond him? It's covered up again by how great ARod is. If I'm the Packers, I go hard after DeSean Jackson this off-season, to get Rodgers a 2nd WR who can beat man coverage, and I do whatever it takes to get Jon Gruden to come back and coach. If you only get 1 Super Bowl out of Aaron Rodgers, you failed as a franchise. 

Predictions For The Rest of The Season

Phillip Rives will continue to be under-appreciated for carrying his team in games. They lose, but they never get blown out, because Phillip is that good. Loses Stevie Johnson before week 1. No problem. Loses Keenan Allen week 1, no problem. He also has as many kids as Antonio Cromartie, and can name them all. 

Seahawks, Raiders, Falcons, Dolphins, and Jaguars all trendy picks to compete for a playoff spot will miss the playoffs. Seahawks have no one on their offensive line who is any good. They've said "this is looking like the 2013 team" that team had the NFL's highest paid offensive line, and 4 of 5 starters could run block. 2 of the 5 starters were Pro-Bowl level players. This isn't that team. Raiders can't defend. Falcons can't defend and their QB is Matt Ryan. Dolphins suck. Jaguars can't beat anyone. Believing something in July doesn't mean you actually know something. 

Joe Flacco will continue to show people he's elite, and under rated. 

Tom Brady will return and show everyone he's (right now) the GREATEST QB EVER. 

49ers, Colts, Jaguars, Eagles, Browns, Bears, and Dolphins fans will start looking at 2017 NFL Mock drafts in 5 weeks. No better time to look towards the future than the present. I'm all in on the 49ers drafting Brad Kaaya (THE U) in the first round. 

The Panthers will continue to be good, and people will continue to stupidly hate Cam Newton. 

Thanks for reading.