Is Tony Romo Hall of fame worthy?

Let's say there's a Quarterback who has 28 game winning drives, a career record as a starter of 75-48, more than 30,000 passing yards, and a career 97.6 passer rating, would that merit Hall Of Fame consideration? They probably would merit the consideration at least. But that consideration goes out the window when you tell someone it's Tony Romo. You see, in the minds of most Football fans, Romo is someone who doesn't perform in the clutch. They remember the Fumbled snap against Seattle in 2007. The Divisional playoff game against Minnesota in 2010 where the offense led by him only scored 3 points, or the interception thrown when he and Peyton Manning dueled to a 51-48 Cowboys loss in 2013. A loss Romo was blamed for despite leading his offense to 48 points. Romo would be the best QB in Franchise history for a handful of teams; the Seahawks, Lions, Cheifs, Bengals, Browns, Eagles, Texans, Buccaneers all quickly come to mind. But as a Dallas Cowboy, he's no better than third best behind Hall Of Famers Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. Romo is the NFL's LeBron James, no matter how great he plays, there is more detractors than supporters. The truth is, unless that changes Romo might not even make the Cowboys Hall of Fame.  Quarterbacks are measured by Super Bowls (Unless your name is Dan; Fouts and Marino ) and without at least one Romo won't be measured for a gold jacket.  Which I don't agree with, but I don't have a vote, if I did, I'd vote yes in Romo for the Hall Of Fame.