Quick Thoughts on Deflate Gate

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL’s "Wells Report" concludes that there’s an “absence of a credible scientific explanation for the Patriots halftime measurements. But a recent article from science news pointed out the errors in that statement. The Article (which I recommend reading) pointed out that The Colts balls also had a lower level of PSI when measured at halftime, 3 of 4 measured to be exact. More importantly, the article points to studies performed by Michael Naughton (an expert in condensed physics who's a Buffalo Bills fan) in which he put a football inflated to 12.5 PSI into a refrigerator with similar temperature conditions to Gillette Stadium and the ball dropped to 10.5 PSI. Naughton essentially proves that science could have been the cause for deflation. 

The issue with the Wells Report isn't that it just dismissed this thought as hyperbole. The issue is it's reasoning, as in there wasn't any. The Wells Report is aiming to use text message conversations as it's primary source of evidence against Tom Brady. I'm kinda bias here, but I think Tom Brady deserves a litter more respect than that, he is after all Tom Brady. 

The only reason this was made a big deal by Roger Godell was to cover up other NFL Stories, and it's worked. There was a 24 hour period where the Seahawks drafting of Frank Clark was an issue, when in reality, he should be suspended for the same policy the pro players are held too. Godell has set precedent for this before, Suspending Terrell Pryor 5 games as a rookie for infractions at Ohio St. 

The NFL has also seen more than a handful of early retirements this offseason from players worried about their long term health. Sadly, most of these players were 49ers, but although they weren't covered the same way, other teams young players have retired as well. Jason Worilds and Jake Locker come to mind immediately as two examples. Players walking away from millions of dollars to play a game they have played since the age of 7 should create red flags for the issues of player safety, but it didn't because of Deflate Gate. 

Kudos to Godell for covering up most of an offseason, and making the Ray Rice scandal dissappear, by asking his buddy Robert Kraft to fall on the proverbial grenade, (was I the only who found it suspicious that Kraft didn't fight?) to protect The Shield. It's also suspicious that the person who speaks out again Godell most, Bill Simmons, is now unemployed. Maybe one day we'll get some truth when Simmons gets paid a ton of money to work for HBO and interviews Tom Brady after he retires, until then we'll all tune in anyway, because Football is still entertaining. For now.