Dez or Megatron?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Last year in the first round of my main fantasy league, I took Dez Bryant with the last pick in our first round. I had the last pick because I was the defending champion. I was the defending champion because of moves like that. Two players taken ahead of Dez Bryant? Jimmy Graham and Calvin Johnson, and why were they? Because they so called experts keep telling you they're better, well they say Megatron (Calvin Johnson) is because they just repeat after each other.

Last year one of these WR's had 88 Receptions, 1,320 receiving yards, and 16 TD's. The other was Megatron who had 71 catches, 1,077 receiving yards and 8 TD's. Both had good numbers, but one was clearly better. Dez Bryant's numbers look even better when you consider the Cowboys ran the ball with DeMarco Murray more than anyone ran the ball. Simply put, Dez has passed Megatron.

This year, let people to after Megatron, and you need to pick Dez. He's better. For the sake of purely fantasy football, I will consider Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and (if he's healthy) AJ Green all players who should be looked at as draftable ahead of Megatron. The experts will say otherwise, but isn't it suspicious they all say the same thing?

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