Just Win (Something, anything please) Baby

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Al Davis is a legend.  That needs to be said again, Al Davis is a legend.  Al Davis once drafted a Punter early and was condemned for it, well that Punter is Ray Guy and he's in the Hall of Fame.  Al Davis was born on the 4th of July, that alone is awesome.  Unfortunately Al Davis passed away, and the Raiders are being run by his son Mark.  Mark has done nothing to turn the team around, but then out of nowhere the team drafted Derek Carr, and Khalil Mack, and no there is hope the raiders will pick outside of the top 10 in next years draft.  


The Raiders drafted Derek Carr, and he had a pretty good rookie year, honestly he's already better than his brother.  He completed 58% of his passes, and threw 21 TD's and only 12 interceptions.  That's really good for a rookie QB.  He will only get better.  He is probably two years away from being a top 12 QB in this league.  At RB the Raiders finally gave up on Darren McFadden, so that guy will ruin your fantasy team in a different jersey this year.  They gave up on him because Latavius Murray showed so much promise last year.  Murray is explosive, and tough to tackle, which led to an average of 5.2 yards per carry.  He should have gotten more carries than DMC but he didn't, and that's probably why the Raiders have a new coach.  At WR the Raiders will start Amari Cooper who starred at Alabama.  Seriously he was ridiculous at Alabama, he couldn't be single covered and a lot of times he couldn't be double covered. If Derek Carr gets the ball anywhere near him, he will snatch it out of the air.  The arrow is pointing up for this offense.  They also have solid role players in TE Mychal Rivera, FB Marcel Reese, and #2 WR Michael Crabtree.  They'll be a lot of fun in your Madden Franchise, and this group will excite LA fans in the next two years when they move!


Khalil Mack was the focus of defenses every week last year.  They would say "we need to keep Mack from slowing us down." Well, as a rookie who played all over the field he had 13 Tackles for a loss, and 4 sacks.  He is a Stud in the making.  He compares well to Clay Matthews. He will continue on that Arc and be that kind of a disruptive force.  The Raiders also signed DT Dan Williams during the offseason, who does a good job as a run stuffer.  Charles Woodson will also be returning for his 31st year in the league, and will do a good job providing veteran presence.  But this is not a group that will stop a lot of people.  With 4 games against Peyton Manning, and Phillip Rivers, they will give up a lot of points.  The Key for them is improvement under first year head coach Jack Del Rio. 

Overall Outlook

The Los Angeles...I mean Oakland Raiders have a young QB to build around, and a young defensive stalwart to build around, and a pretty damn good coach.  Honestly, once Peyton Manning retires they might be able to compete for their divison.  Unfortunatley for them and the entire AFC West, Peyton will still be yelling "Omaha" and the Broncos will win the AFC West.  The Raiders will be able to compete with the Chargers and Cheifs, but this isn't the year.  They will likely win 4-7 games, and finish last in the divison.  What Raider Nation needs to focus is on is improvements from Carr, Murray, and what should be a standout year from Amari Cooper.  

Fantasy Outlook

Derek Carr should be your backup QB.  He might throw 30 TD's this year and can be had in later rounds, unless someone you draft with is a moron and picks up early.  This guy will probably have black face paint on, and will be screaming "Just Win Baby." A more prominent player for your team will be Latavius Murray.  He had 4 runs of 20+ yards last year, he had a 90 yard TD, and he did all this while playing second fiddle to Darren McFadden.  Murray will be the lead guy this year, and he will produce.  If Murray lasts until your fourth round pick, grab him, just do it, and you'll "Just Win Baby."

Thanks for reading.