Insert Name here for the Washington DC Football team because it will change...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When the Redskins are in the news, it's usually one of a few things; "Jay Gruden criticizes RGIII," or "Congress pushing Dan Snyder to change the team name." Rarely has it been about football, and rightfully so.  The last two seasons, the Redskins were an awful football team.  Last year they were 4-12, and their biggest win of the season came with Colt McCoy playing QB.  They have a big question at QB, is RGIII the guy or not? They don't know any more.  Griffin beat out Andrew Luck for the Heisman while they were in college, and then beat him out for Rookie of The Year when they were both rookies, now I don't know if he can even beat Luck in a foot race any more.  Let's face it, if RGIII doesn't return to his rookie year form, the Redskins might as well trade the farm again, but this time to get Cardale Jones.  


On offense, the Redskins have a bevy of skill players surrounding their QB. DeSean Jackson is still one of the most dangerous players in the league.  He averaged 20.9 Yards a reception and had 16 catches of 20+ yards.  It's safe to say that signing is working out for the Redskins.  At Running Back, Alfred Morris was still good, gaining over 1,000 yards and scoring 8 TD's.  Pierre Garcon and Niles Paul at WR and TE respectively are also threats.  The Redskins this year will be in the 2nd year of Jay Gruden's system, and should get better.  The talent is there.  The offense is there to be ran, after all Andy Dalton did go to the playoffs 3 times running this offense.  Are we ready to concede Dalton as superior to Griffin? One more year like the last two and we might have too.  This entire offense comes down to RGIII being able to stand in the pocket, scramble when necessary, and actually run more than just pistol sets.  If he does it, this offense will surprise a lot of peole, especially NFC East defenses.  If he doesn't it's a good thing Cardale Jones is used to cold weather.  


On defense the Redskins spent some money in their secondary.  Signing Chris Culliver away from the 49ers was the biggest splash.  Culliver is good in press coverage when he can get his hands on a WR and jam off the line.  The issue is he was at his best last year when paired with Eric Reid and Antoine Bethea.  The Redskins don't have those two.  They have a safety Culliver has played with before in Dashon Goldson, and a question mark at the other safety position.  With Goldson and Culliver the Redskins will have players who bring a winning attitude from their time in San Francisco together, but players that don't exactly compliment each other.  Goldson excels in hitting people, he's really good at it, and he is great in run support, but not so much in protecting against the deep ball.  If you want evidence go look at Jacoby Jone's Touchdown against the 49ers in Superbowl 47, he beats Goldson and Culliver, because they didn't defend against a deep pass well.  The good news for DC area football fans is the Defensive Coordinator knows this and can hide it.  The bad news is, they'll see Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham Jr 4 times this year, good luck with that. 

Overall Outlook

The thing about the NFC east that's so amazing, is each of the last 4 years a different team has one the division.  2011 Giants. 2012 Redskins. 2013 Eagles. 2014 Cowboys.  The Redskins can duplicate their 2012 success if RGIII can duplicate his.  If the can't, they'll likely win 6 or 7 games, and Dan Snyder will mortgage the future for Cardale Jones.  Get ready for reading more about the pressure for Snyder to change the teams name either way.  

Fantsasy Outlook

Draft DeSean Jackson. He's going to have double digit Touchdowns this year.  He's too good of a deep threat.  The Giants best player on defense just burned off some fingers, so they're likely not going to generate much pressure, Jackson will score a TD in both games against them.  He dominated the Eagles out of Spite, that will continue.  Trust me when I say Jackson will have a big year, regardless of who is at QB.  Beyond Jackson, Alfred Morris still represents a decent RB 2 value.  I would take Jackson in the later rounds, and play him as your flex.  If you end up with Morris as your #2 Back, you're going pretty well, if he's your #1, you should be forced to buy everyone in your league dinner because you will finish last.  

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