Geno and the Jets

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, no matter who the coach is, or who is on the team, the Jets get a lot of media coverage.  Seriously, you and I, and 51 blind monkeys can make up the Jets 53 man roster and NFL Network will find a way to do specials on the Jets.  They're a team on the East Coast, and in New York so it happens.  At least their best defensive player didn't blow off his fingers. (Sorry Giants fans).  The Jets were 4-12 last year, and last in the AFC East.  A team with Kyle Orton as it's starting QB was better.  That wasn't a misprint, that's right, Kyle Orton.  Just how bad were the Jets? Not too bad on Defense, ranking 6th in overall yards, and 5th against the Run.  On Offense though, they were terrible, an to get better, they defensive minded Rex Ryan and hired defensive minded Todd Bowles.  All that means is it comes down to G-E-N-O! GENO! GENO! GENO! 


As previously mentioned the Jets return their starting QB, Geno Smith.  One thing we can say for him is he didn't commit the "Butt Fumble." We can also say he's not going to be in competition for the starting job, because he's not.  This is a make or break year for him, he carries the way of the Jets on his shoulders.  Last year Geno had an pedestrian QB Rating of 77.5. He threw 13 TD's and 13 interceptions.  I think he can do better. He will do better.  One thing Geno does really well is throw the deep ball, and to compliment that the Jets drafted Devin Smith out of Ohio State to play WR.  Smith averaged 28 YPC at Ohio State, while that seems outrageous for the NFL it shows his potential.  If Geno can stand strong in the pocket and fire the ball downfield to Smith it will open things up under neath for Erick Decker, and the Jets may be onto something.  If not, Geno will be benched by week 12 so the Jets can see what Bryce Petty (rookie QB out of Baylor) can do.  Either way, it's a reason to follow the Jets out the corner of your eye. 


The Jets drafted the best player in the draft in April when they took Leonard Williams.  Drafting Williams at Number 6 was a no brainer when he fell into their lap.  The Jets will now feature Williams, Sheldon Richardson, and Muhammud Wilkerson on their defensive line.  Good luck running the ball.  The Jets also signed their once dominant CB tanded of Antonio Cromartie and Darrell Revis so they're secondary will be good too. Essentially the Jets will be set up on defense the same way they were when they made two AFC Championship games under Rex Ryan.  This is a defense that will be top 5 in the league this year.

Overall Outlook

The Jets had more people throw passes for them last year then they had wins. Five different players attempted a pass for the Jets, they ended the season with 4 wins.  The hope this year is that only Geno Smith attempts passes, and the Jets win more then they lose this year.  Todd Bowles is a good defensive minded coach, he will maintain the level of defense Jets fans are used to, but in order for the Jets to get to 8-8 or better, Geno will have to at least be a good game manager.  The Jets defense will keep them in games, but Geno will have to lead the Jets offense to 20 points (at a minimum) for them to have a shot.  Can he do it? Yes, but can he do it consistently? We don't know.  The Jets will probably finsih 3rd or 4th in the division again, because The Patriots still have that Tom guy at QB, and the Dolphins are going to be a playoff contender.  Does that mean the Jets can't surprise? Not at all, afterall they can make a leap, but it all comes down to Geno. 

Fantasy Outlook

The Jets defense might be the best part of this team in terms of Fantasy value.  They will pressure the QB, and have the DB's to get turnovers.  On offense, Erick Decker or Devin Smith have potential value in the flex, and Chris Ivory has value as a RB#3 with potential to be better.  All of these players should be waiver pickups.  Considering the Jets won't score a lot of TD's I'd look at their kicker in the last round or whenever you draft a kicker.