Quick Pre-Season thoughts so far

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Mariota

Remember all the reports about him not throwing an interception in practice? Well when the games started that didn't last long, he threw one of the first play. It is what it is for this kid.  He is an incredible talent, and everyone seems to like his character but he's a rookie, he will make mistakes.  With that said, he's played pretty well for a rookie. He's completed (in limited time) 12 of 16 passes for 153 yards. More importantly he's looked the part.  The growing pains are going to come, he's a rookie on a team who needs more help than just him.  For Fantasy stay far away from him, and in terms of gambling don't expect to cover any small spreads. Also, keep in mind Joey Harrington looked good in the preseason too, and Ryan Leaf started his career 2-0. Just saying. 

Russell Wilson

First I just have to say this guy is bat shit crazy. He decided it was a good idea not to have sex with Ciara (clearly he hasn't seen her music videos) and he believes bottled water prevented him from getting a concussion. Football wise he's struggled, despite attempting 16 passes in total, he's thrown for only 90 yards, he's also been sacked twice and lost a fumble.  This isn't his fault, and he'll be fine when the regular season starts because Marshawn Lynch will play, and Lynch is that damn good, but with his less than stellar play, and an oline that sucks, you have to wonder if Schneider is thinking the defense needs Kam more than ever.  I think it does, and i expect Lynch to take a small step back in terms of production due to age, but I don't call their shots.  But if I did, you can bet I would have handed the damn ball to Lynch. 

Deflate Gate

I can't wait for this to get Roger Goddell fired. Fact, the story the same day a sideline reporter said a medical staff examined a player for only two seconds when they thought he had a concussion. That player is Russell Wilson, now considering the focus on head injuries shouldn't this have been a bigger story? Now, I'm not saying it deflate gate being released was a the NFL saying "Hey look over there" to get you to look pass the farce that is their concussion protocol.  But I will tell you ESPN had to issue an apology to Tom Brady and the Patriots because those reports were false.  The NFL is made a giant made a big spectacle out of something they had no hard evidence for, and everyone tuned in. Now does that damage Tom Brady's legacy? Impossible, he's married to a Super Model and has 4 Super Bowl rings, Long Live Tom, he's wicked nice. 

49ers OffSeason 

lolololololololololololololololololololol and I'm a fan, but all I can do is laugh.  As someone who knows the roster better than you know your signifigant other, I was truly optimistic until Aldon Smith is gone, and soon to be Ahmad Brooks, before that I expected 10 wins, now who knows.  10 is still possible, heck even more if Kap plays like he does in Madden when I'm the 49ers. Honestly, either way I'm excited for this season. 

This and That

Frank Gore said "Andrew Luck is a football god," and I agree, any man who can play that well with a neck beard that looks that good is a football god. Kam Chancellor is holding out for more money, and he should.  Kam has zero guranteed next year, meaning Seattle can just cut up if he gets hurt and he gets nothing. That's the NFL, if a team can get rid of the player, than the player should be allowed to go on strike. Doug Martin is in a contract year, so the muscle hamster will have a good season, then you'll pick him high in fantasy next year and you'll regret, just remember you heard it first.  Tyrod Taylor will end up the starter for Buffalo, and I called that when he signed there.  Call in a lucky guess, or credit it to my insomnia every preseason because NFL network replays every game and I watch.  Either way, I'm happy for him, he works hard every offseason and I've seen video of him working with 49ers legend Jeff Garcia.  Every NFL fan can be happy for a late round pick getting his shot, I just hope he does the most with it. 

Fantasy Football

Well, I'm not going to write much here.  Some people I've played fantasy with have completely copied my strategy and are placing a bigger emphasis on WR than RB.  I have a few sleepers I'll talk about after I draft.  But I will say Le'Veon Bell is still worth the top pick.  With Pouncey out, Ben will be looking for the dumpoff more and more and Bell will light that up, and I'm only saying that because he's my keeper. Also, the Steelers have a Dog Killer and an accused rapist at QB, somewhere Al Davis is mad it isn't the Raiders. 

Thanks for reading.