Week 1 Thoughts and Predictions

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Fantasy Thoughts

​Don't do what I did, and gamble on Danny Amendola week 1. I figured Tom Brady would throw some TD's, and he did, but most of them to Gronk. I know it's too late, but I had to let that out. If you have a Browns RB, bench him, the Jets defensive line is big, fast, and mean. Rex Ryan left but those Studs up front didn't. Stevie Johnson from SD should get a lot of looks, he's the best WR on his team, if he's out there, pick him up, and play him. Russell Wilson against the Rams looks like a tough match up, but they generate so much pressure he will get some rushing yards, and we know Seattle likes to throw in the red zone, I'd say play him. Wait a week or two to see what's going on in DC before you play one of their WR's, if you have that luxury. D-Jax hits on deep TD's, but will the QB have the time? Look for them to be run heavy early. 


​Rams over Seattle

I know Seattle is better, and is a top 3 NFC team, top 4 NFL team, but this isn't their week. They have struggled at St. Louis the last 4 years, losing last year. That doesn't change this week. With the Oline looking like swiss cheese, and the Rams starting 3 potential All-Pros (Quinn, Long, Donald) it will be a low scoring affair. Seattle could steal this game, but St. Louis will finish 7-9 and this is one of their 7 wins. 

Packers over Bears

Jordy is out, ok. Randall Cobb is banged up, ok. R-E-L-AX Packers fans, the Bears will have the worse record in the league this year. Quietly no one noticed Matt Forte having under 4.0 YPC because he caught passes, but he's in decline. Also, the Bears defense has the least amount of talent in the NFL. It will take Fox a couple of years to build something. Packers win in a route, their QB is better than everyone at his position. 

Texans over Cheifs

Healthy Brian Cushing. JJ Watt feels like a caged animal. Vince Wilfork. Also, the Texans don't have to defend the deep ball because Alex Smith can't throw it because he has a noodle arm. Maybe Justin Houston has 5 sacks, and sways the outcome (he's that good) but I don't see it. Win goes to JJ Watt and his boys. 

Jets over Browns

The starting QB's in this one suck. They do, both should be career back ups, it's crazy how Fitzpatrick keeps finding his way into starting lineups. But, the Jets have a better supporting cast. Marshall and Decker will make plays on the ball the Browns WR's can't, because Josh Gordon having a drink is worse than Frank Clark and Greg Hardy beating women. "Where's ROG-AH." J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! 

Colts over Bills

Andrew Luck has Frank Gore. Even if Frank Gore doesn't run for 1,000 yards he's going to knock the piss out of defenders is pass pro, allowing Luck to complete passes to Andre Johnson, TY Hilton, and Fleener. This game can be close because the Bills front 7 is just Football beauty, but the Colts are the best team in the AFC, maybe the NFL. Colts win, by at least 10. 

Dolphins over DC football team

The DC team did the Dolphins a favor taking RGIII, this allowed them to Draft Ryan Tannehill, who is the most under rated QB in the game. He's a stud. The DC guys won't be able to cover Jordan Cameron, Jarvis Landry, DeVante Parker, and Lamar Miller. This game won't be close. Dolphins win in a blowout. 

Jaguars over Panthers

Honestly, I thunk Cam Newton should sue his team for the terrible supporting cast they've given him. Michael "Blindside" Oher is blocking on Cam's blindside, he's not very good. The #1 WR is Ted Ginn Jr. The Jaguars aren't good, but they're at home, and I really like Allen Robinson against that Secondary. 

Saints over Cardinals 

The Saints traded for Max Unger. Signed CJ Spiller to spell Mark Ingraham. The Saints are going to run the ball to keep their defense off the field. The Cardinals  (despite the hype) were a below average run defense team last year. Saints win. 

Chargers beat Lions

It's hot in San Diego. The Lions usually play in doors. Phillip wears a bolo tie. Matt Stafford got customized Jordans for he and his wife. I'm not going to say anymore. Bolo ties> Custom Jordans. 

Bus over Titans

I like Winston more than Mariota. Winston stole crab legs, took a lot of media heat for it. Then took a bite out of Crab Legs when he he was picked #1 in the Draft. Troll game hard. Also, he has Mike Evans, Mariota has some guys. Bucs win, Winston eats Crab legs. 

Bengals over Raiders

Ginger's don't have souls, and that's perfect for what Andy Dalton is going to do to that Raiders secondary. Seriously, some guys who can't cover, against AJ Green? Yeah, I don't like Andy Dalton either, but even he can't mess this up. Bengals win.

Broncos over Ravens

Home field, mile high, Peyton Manning in the regular season. Sorry John, I think you're a great coach, and think you'll win your division, but this week you lose to your former OC.

Cowboys over Giants

They're a better team. I know everyone fell in love with that OBJ highlight, but Dez is the best WR in the NFL. Also, the Cowboys Oline. Also, Sean Lee is back. Also, Randy Gregory will be a stud pass rusher. Boys are Giants against New York and win.

Falcons over Eagles

This will be a high scoring affair, but the Falcons score more because Matt Ryan>Sam Bradford. Also, Julio Jones will destroy the Eagles secondary. I also think Desmond Trufant shuts down his side of the field.

49ers over Vikings

When Mike Wallace is your #1 WR, you have issues. Also, everyone mentions the Willis and Borland retirements, they never played together. Bowman returning makes this position better over last year, but no one mentions that. It will be close, because Teddy is good, and Mike Zimmer can coach, but this 49ers team is better than NFL Network, CBS, ESPN, pretty much everyone gives them credit for, Monday night they show that.

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