Quick Thoughts on Sunday Games

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

​I think the best part of football season is how things change from week to week. Last night, and this morning, everyone is singing the praises of Tony Romo. While Romo has had his miscues, he's been a top tier QB for a while. I'm glad the national media is finally recognizing that, but if he loses next week, they'll crucify him. Changes week to week with those guys. 

Rams vs Seahawks

This game didn't show us anything we didn't know. The Rams defensive line is big, mean, fast, and better than most offensive lines they go against. The Seahawks offensive line features a group of guys they threw together. Advantage Rams, and it showed. The Rams sacked Russell Wilson six times, pressured him nearly every play. The Rams defense also held Marshawn Lynch to 4.1 YPC in total, but a third of his yards came on one run. The Seahawks didn't play well offensively. While, people point to his stats as a negative, Jimmy Graham actually had career high numbers in terms of playing the Rams, that's a good sign for the Hawks. As for Seattle's defense, it had less to do with Kam than everyone wants to think. The Seahawks linebackers were too often caught in the wash in run plays, and intermediate pass plays. Losing Dan Quinn and Ken Norton Jr. Certainly has an affect. I know it's fun to blame Dion Bailey for the game tying play, but you're only in that position because game long lapses. The Seahawks will still be good, they have a lot of talent. Lockette (Tyler) and Graham will make them better offensively. What will be interesting to see is if their interior Dline can eat up blockers to allow theit Speedy LB's to make plays. Pete Carroll is a defensive master mind, I think he'll figure it out.

 Also, Tyler Lockett and Tavon Austin were awesome.

Bengals and Raiders

All this  showed us the Raiders can't hide their secondary behind a pass rush. Maybe if it was a prime time game, because the Red Rocket Andy Dalton struggles under the lights, but Oakland's secondary is terrible. If I'm Reggie Mckenzie I call the Seahawks, and offer two 2nd round draft picks for Kam, might as well kick the tires. 

Bills vs Colts

Wow, did I get this one wrong. I still think the Colts make the Super Bowl, but the Bills won't be an easy game for anyone. Also, the Bills were missing Marcel Dareus, so they'll just get better. Also, did it hurt Seahawks fans to see Percy score on a deep route? It was nice to see him used on something beyond Jet sweeps, and WR screens, but I was surprised Greg Roman made the calls. Don't be surprised if Pep Hamilton or Nick Saban are coaching the Colts next year, it might also be the one NFL job David Shaw will consider. 

Ravens vs Broncos

It sucks that Terrell Suggs got hurt. A future hall of famer who is so fun to watch losing a season so late in his career is a damn shame. Game wise, the low scoring affair shouldn't shock anyone. Baltimore and Denver feature good defenses, potentially top 5 defenses, don't send Peyton away just yet. Also, I can't beleive Steve Smith dropped that pass. Sucks for the Ravens, but they'll be a lot better. Both teams will, a playoff match up is likely. 

Chargers and Lions

Just a reminder that Bolo ties> Custom Jordans. Also, Stevie Johnson is a stud, and I told people to pick him in fantasy, hopefully they listened. I want to rewatch just to check out Ameer Abdullah, from what I was able to catch, he looked really good. 

I can't wait to watch the two games tonight. I'll be paying attention to the offensive lines for all teams, if they're able to be strong there, it could mean a lot for the QB's on each roster. 

Thanks for reading.