Week 2 Picks and Thoughts

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

During week 1, Roger Goodell skipped the annual NFL opener because it was at Gillette Stadium, you know where the Patriots play. He opted instead to show up at the Green Bay VS Chicago game, in Chicago. Wise choice, Bears fans hate Jay Cutler the most, and Packers fans don't hate anyone, they're too nice. You know where he'll be this week? Lambeau field to watch the Seahawks and Packers. Maybe he'll ask Russell Wilson about Nano Bubbles. Seriously he might be dumb enough to think they'll cure concussions, just like Russell Wilson is. With the story that came out this morning, I personally hope they both get questioned down about it. Just in case they do, I'll have my pop corn ready. 

Fantasy for this week, I think Steve Smith will have a good game against the Raiders, because the Raiders secondary is trash, and a John Harbaugh coached team won't lose two in a row. I also don't think you should buy into the Mariota hype yet, he also plays the Browns and will get crushed by Danny Shelton. Also, Tevin Coleman will get over 100 Yards against the Giants. 

Now, for my picks:

Steelers over 49ers

Yes, I'm a 49ers fan, but I'm not an idiot. (Although some might disagree). I won't be shocked to see the 49ers win, there is talent there. But, the Steelers have had 10 days of rest, they lost opening night, and Big Ben is more than a clock in England. In America, Big Ben is a QB who is tough to tackle, throws the ball when he's got a 300lb defensive tackle draped all over him, and he completes the pass. Also, the Steelers are playing at the house of ketchup  (Heinz field) where they've been notoriously good over the NFC since drafting Ben. One thing I gurantee happens, the announcers mention the Aldon Smith and Ray McDonald and Ahmad Brooks arrest, but the Steelers QB's are Ben, and Mike Vick, but having a starting QB twice accused of rape gets swept under the rug. 

Texans over Panthers 

JJ Watt said he's looking for a Girlfriend. (If he asks you for yours do you say no?) I expect that to be mentioned in the broadcast, along with the mutiple sacks he's going to get against a Panthers offensive line with more holes than cheese grader. I picked against the Panthers last week, but the only won because they sucked less than the Jaguars, to beat JJ Watt and his friends, they'll actually have to play well, and they won't, because they have a talent void. Also, because Luke Kuechly won't play. 

Saints over Buccaneers 

If the Saints lose the game, Drew Brees has lost it. Stick a fork in him, he's done. His play started to slip two years ago, and has gotten more noticeable since then. He's a future Hall of Famer, and he can over come father time limiting him physically, but if he doesn't do it against this terrible defense, it might be time for him to hang it up, but I don't it is, He'll have a big game, or Mark Ingraham will, either way Saints win. 

Vikings over Lions

Matt Stafford had custom Jordans made for he and his wife for their wedding, I will mention this until they win a playoff game. Adrian Peterson has a bald head. I'd much rather have a bald head than custom Jordans. Also, the Vikings got taken to the woodshed Monday night, they'll be more physical this week. Mike Zimmer is a damn good coach, and the Lions won't be ready because they don't have an on field leader.

Cardinals over the Bears

A couple of years ago I would have expected to see at least two interceptions thrown by each QB. But Bruce Arians has fixed Carson Palmer. I don't know if anyone can fix Jay Cutler, he's going to take risks, and make a mistake against a talented Cardinals secondary.

Patriots over Bills

Dumbest fan base in the NFL this week has to be the "Bills Mafia." Are you insane chanting "We Want Tom?" You know Tom's response; "Well they'll get me Sunday." Maybe in Buffalo they didn't watch the Super Bowl or week 1, but Tom Brady has been locked in since the erroneous reports of his balls game out. There's nothing wrong with Tom's balls, and they'll be perfectly placed against the Bills for scores.

Chargers over the Bengals

Andy Dalton couldn't be in a Direct TV commercial because both Andy Dalton's would have cabel. I get the Bengals looked great against the Raiders, but if Usain Bolt beats me in a race no one will be shocked, and even that's more evenly matched than that Bengals vs Raiders game.  Also, in case you missed it, Stevie Johnson and Kennan Allen are a great pairing for Phillip Rivers and his Bolo ties. I love Bolo ties.

Browns over Titans

Johnny Football against Marcus the Duck. You know what's funny, Chip Kelly tried to recruit Manziel harder than Mariota. This is the QB battle of the guy the Ducks wanted against the guy they got. I'm not a beleiver of Mariota, but I like him more than Manziel. I just don't like the Titans in this game. Mariota won't get to play catch against a cover 2 like he did against the Bucs. The Browns will smother him with that front 7, and they Donte Whitner will intimidate the Titans WR's. 

Falcons over Giants

I'm so excited for this game, and that excitement will maintain if Desmond Trufant follows OBJ across the field. Seriously, what a match up. I'd pay more to see this than another Mayweather fight, this one surprisingly will feature less running. I like the Falcons though because I can't think of 4 Giants defensive starters off the top of my head, that's a problem. Also, do yourself a favor, avoid seeing the photo of JPP's hand. 

Rams over Redskins

The Rams will start 2-0 and still won't make the playoffs. Their coach is Jeff Fisher. They're in too tough a division. I like the Rams for the same reasons I did last week, their Defensive line is so good it should be illegal. It's probably best RGIII isn't playing this week, he's been hit enough. 

Dolphins over the Jaguars 

Serious question, at what point will people recognize Ryan Tannehill as the 2nd best young QB in the league behind Andrew Luck? What does he have to do? He's put up the numbers, and he was a WR at Texas A&M six year ago. He's still Lear ing to play QB, and he's already the best offensive player on his team. Give it a few weeks, his hype train is coming. 

Ravens over the Raiders

Here's the thing about the Raiders, they suck. They're getting better, and they're building, but they suck. This is there 2nd week playing a playoff team from last year, and they won't win. John Harbaugh is the 2nd best coach in the league, his team will not lose two in a row. 

Cowboys over Eagles

Randy Gregory will have two sacks. Byron Maxwell will get torched by Terrance Williams, and the rhetoric questioning chip will start, as the Tony Romo hype train continues on. 

Packers over Seahawks 

Nano Bubbles cause weight gain, just look at Russell Wilson. The Seahawks have as many college defensive linemen on their Starting offensive line as they do former offensive linemen. The other guy is a former TE. It's a night game at Lambeau. Kam Chancellor is going to be fed grapes while he watches in the comfort of his home. For some reason the Seahawks put Richard Sherman in the slot, where he's least effective. With all that said, Seattle should still win the NFC West, they'll just start 0-2. Go Pack Go. 

Colts over Jets

Andrew Luck won't lose two in a row, that's a safe bet. The Jets QB has lucked into a Starting job for 3 teams, snd by that I mean he literally got lucky 3 times. What's the most interesting party of this game is Jim Irsay isn't the owner to trade for Brandon Marshall. We know how Irsay likes prescription drugs, and Marshall get his fair share for having bi-polar disorder. What an upset. 

Thanks for reading. I was 11-5 last week. This week and going forward I won't pick the Thursday game because I don't think there should be one every week.