Week 3 Picks and Thoughts

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals are one of the best teams in football.  They have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball, and they're one of the few teams with a good offensive line.  If they don't win a playoff game (or two) this year, Marvin Lewis will get fired.  I am looking forward to their week 5 game with Seattle, if they win that, they'll finally get more national respect.  While no one has been paying attention, Andy Dalton is off to a pretty good start, he might be worth a bench spot in your fantasy league to monitor his play and see if he can spot start for you in bad match ups.  Also on the Bengals, Marvin Jones if he's out there, should be emerging as the #2 WR soon.  

Other fantasy notes, Russell Wilson is a great play this week, the Bears defense doesn't have any player to generate a pass rush, he should be a top 5 QB in terms of fantasy points this week.  Donte Moncreif is a player you should be looking at starting.  If T.Y. Hilton is out, he becomes the Colts best WR (I think he is already, but I don't call their plays).  I think Heyward-Bey is worth a start this week, you've got to risk it to get the biscuit, and he's a sneaky candidate for 13 points or more.  Lastly for fantasy, I think Martellus Bennett might be good for a garbage time TD this week.  

Falcons over Cowboys

If Tony Romo, and Dez Bryant were playing this would be a game that Dallas wins.  If Hardy and McClain were playing, the Dallas Defense may have a shot to hold Atlanta's offense to a low scoring affair which could result in a Cowboys win.  Neither of those situations seem to be the case.  The Falcons will be 3-0.  I thought the Falcons could win their division this year, because the talent on offense is there.  Matt Ryan is still there everyone, and he's the best QB in the NFC not named Romo or Rodgers.  

Colts over Titans

Colts have the best QB that is playing.  Colts have the best RB that is playing.  Colts have a better coach.  Colts are 0-2, but they played two teams would could be sneaky playoff teams (wild card that is.) The Colts will win this week, and end up tied for first in their division, at 1-2, the AFC South is terrible. 

Raiders over Browns

Interesting game here.  The Browns definitely have the better defense, and are at home, but it's hard to pick them.  The Raiders surprised a lot of people by beating Baltimore last week, so, maybe they're better than everyone thinks.  One thing the Raiders have going for them is a young offense that will score some points, and that's going to be what propels them here.  Match up to watch will be Joe Haden vs Amari Cooper if he gets that match-up.  Haden has struggled against crisp route runners, and that's what Cooper is.  If cooper can consistently win this match-up, Oakland will win by double digits.  

Patriots over Jaguars

You guys made Tom Brady mad, and because of that, you owe all of his opponents an apology.   Last week he threw for 466 yards and 3 TD's against a Buffalo Bills defense with Pro Bowlers all over, this one won't be close.  Angry Tom Brady is the best Tom Brady. 

Panthers over Saints

Saints are done, stick a fork in them.  Sean Payton will be the coach of the Colts next year. 

Jets over Eagles

Remember that "Dream Team" the Eagles tried to assemble in 2011? Well, this is another version of that.  The Eagles are exactly what I thought they would be, inept on offense and defense.  Chip Kelly out thought himself.  I don't want anyone to forget that most NFL Network's experts picked the Eagle's to win the NFC East.  One of them even said "Sam Bradford is the best QB in the NFC East." I wonder if Andy Reid is laughing at the Eagles while eating BBQ right now. 

Texans over Bucs

Is it possible that the Texans are going to be picking Jared Goff next year? Lose this game and it starts to look like a real possibility.  For the Texans to win this game, JJ Watt will have to score TD's, sack the QB, deflect passes, and sell popcorn, after reading that sentence none you think that's impossible for him, and that is why I pick the Texans.  JJ Watt is the best player in football and it's not close. 

Vikings over Chargers

This game is a sneaky candidate for the best of the week.  Both of these teams should be in the playoff conversation in December.  You have Phillip Rivers and a group of WR's that will be hard for the Vikings to cover.  On the other side you have Adrian Peterson who reminded everyone last week he's the best RB in the league.  I think the deciding factor is the Vikings are at home, and it's a 10 AM start West Coast time.  

Steelers over the Rams

Let's recap the Rams story line since they traded for Nick Foles according to the "Experts" shall we; "Nick Foles is going to be better for this team, they are ready to compete for a playoff spot." Then we had week 1; "They went out and beat the Seahawks, they will contend for their division." Week 2, "The Rams offense struggled to move the ball against a DC team that's not very good. " After they lose this week I'll just remind everyone their coach is Jeff Fisher, and they struggle outside of the division.  

Bills over Dolphins

How much longer until Joe Philbin gets fired? Serious question, most people thought it would come last year but his team played well enough to delay the firing.  Now that they've lost to the Jaguars, it's got to be coming soon right?

Seahawks over the Bears

Kam Chancellor isn't a savior.  In Seattle Kam Chancellor coming back is a bigger story than The Pope speaking about Climate Change, wealth inequality, and immigration.  Even if you're not religious you'd probably want to pay attention to that right? The Pope speaking on issues a lot of our own politicians don't, but not here in Seattle.  Kam Chancellor being back is the world's biggest story.  Kam is a great player, but he won't fix this team's issues.  After two easy wins, Seattle will be 2-2 and go to Cincinnati, at that point we'll see where they're at. 

49ers over Cardinals 

Cardinals are 2-0, they're a trendy pick to challenge for NFC supremacy, Carson Palmer is playing better than anyone who isn't #12 and from Northern California (Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers), but I have a feeling about this one.  After watching the Cardinals beat the Bears and Saints, it's hard to fully believe in them.  Both the Saints and Bears will pick in the top 8 in next years draft.  The Bears played the Cardinals close until Smoking Jay Cutler went down with injury, I think the Cardinals are a playoff team, but I think they stumble this week.  Outside of Calais Campbell they don't have an impact player on their front 7, and they lost Antonio Cromartie.  A Cardinals win wouldn't surprise me, but I think Navorro Bowman and Aaron Lynch create issues for the Cardinal's Oline, while Kap and the 49ers do enough to win.   

Ravens over Begals

For as good as I think the Bengals are, it's hard to imagine the Ravens starting 0-3, and that's majority of the reasoning I have for the Ravens winning. 

Broncos over the Lions

How many weeks can the Lions remain winless? Peyton Manning in a dome, in a prime time game isn't a likely winnable game for the Lions.  Week 4 the Lions travel to Seattle on a Monday night, another game not very likely to be a win for the Lions.  Last year the Lions went to the playoffs, and many thought they would contend for their division, but that's not exactly been the case this year.  Maybe they surprise time this week or next, either way it's hard to see a win both weeks, at best after 4 weeks, they're going to be 1-3.  As for the Broncos, they need to let Peyton be Peyton.  Anyone else get mad because that's a serious sentence?  Why on earth is Kubiak keeping Peyton from doing the things that make him special, more on that below. 

Packers over Cheifs

You know the Story line, Alex Smith went ahead of Aaron Rodger's in the 2005 draft.  It's brought up every time they play each other, but Aaron Rodgers wouldn't be the same QB he is today if he had been drafted by that 49ers team.  We, as football fans should be happy the 49ers passed on ARod, it has allowed for quite possibly the best QB ever to flourish.  Seriously, watching Rodgers is a thing of beauty, once again GO pack GO.

Additional thoughts on week 4

1. Do the Colts move with a faster tempo this week? They are better in this type of offense, and it allows Andrew Luck to exploit coverage break downs. 

2. Does Gary Kubiak let the greatest offesnive weapon ever loose? I'm talking about Peyton Manning's mind.  2nd half against KC he looked better because they let him go to Shotgun, and manipulate the defense.  If Peyton is under Center, the Broncos will be slower than Peyton in a foot race. 

3. How many times, on Monday Night football do that mention the 2005 draft? You know what's funny about that draft? The Buccaneers, Bears, and Dolphins took Running Backs in the top 5 that year' no one ever talks about them Passing on Rodgers.  None of those RB's were even the best RB in that draft, yet none of these teams are linked to Aaron Rodgers the way the 49ers or Alex Smith are.   The Browns, Vikings, and Lions all took WR's in the top 10 of that draft, Braylon Edwards made one Pro-Bowl, outside of that this group wasn't any good.  In Fact, the Browns have drafted 3 QB's in the first round since this draft, none have worked out.  The Vikings have drafted 2, we'll see if Teddy H2o works out, the Lions have drafted Matt Stafford who's good, but he's not Rodgers.  Similar to the RB drafters, no one mentions this teams when Aaron Rodgers being passed is discussed.  The Texans, Rams, and Jaguars all passed on Rodgers as well, and lastly the TItans and Cardinals passed on him before taking QB's the next year.  All this means, is a handful of teams are probably more mad internally over this then gets talked about.  I hope Browns fans realize they could have had Aaron Rodgers instead of Braylon Edwards.  

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