Week 3 afterthoughts

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

1. Tom Brady and the Patriots are playing at a way different level than everyone else in the NFL.  We've seen this before in 2007, but that offense had more talent, this time it's more because Tom Brady is so locked in.  Do yourself a favor and watch some of his games this year, it's incredible. 

2. The only other QB playing near the level of Tom Brady is Aaron Rodgers, and he might be even better.  Jordy Nelson goes down, and Aaron Rodgers just makes everyone around him pick up the slack, it's a pleasure to watch the kid from Chico, California play football. 

3. The Cardinals are the 2nd best team in the NFC, and might be able to beat the Packers.  This is as much an indictment on how bad some teams are, as it is a statement on how good the Cardinals are.  The Panthers, and Falcons are 3-0, but can't compete with Arizona right now.  Minnesota is 2-1, they won't make it out of a wild card round (assuming they get there).  We saw what Arizona did to the 49ers, and the Seahawks only managed a single offensive TD against the tanking Bears.  I know their 2nd half was better, but the Bears defense had to be tired, they were on the field for 647 plays. 

4.  Never believe what you read in August.  In August a lot of experts had the Dolphins winning the AFC east, and Tom Brady missing the first four games.  Well, the Dolphins are in last place, and you can read #1 to know where the Patriots are.  Also, those same guys had the Ram's as a sleeper team (again) and they're underwhelming (again). As long as Jeff Fisher is their coach, they're a 7 win team. 

5. Kap has 4 interceptions in his last 6 games, they all came in the last game he played, yet the talk is about how he's regressed and whether or not he should be the 49ers starter.  Seriously? Another QB has 8 in his last 6 games, and no one questions it, but I digress.  Kap might never hit his ceiling, but he's not a bad quarterback, he's a good quarterback most weeks, and a bad one some other's, but I got news for everyone that's today's NFL.  This isn't the 90's when we had Steve Young, Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, John Elway, Dan Marino, and Warren Moon were all playing at the same time as future Hall of Famers.  Once those guys were done (except Favre, he's never going to be done) the NFL was replenished with Kurt Warner, Peyton, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, and Big Ben.  Outside of Andrew Luck, we don't have that level of QB play.  Maybe Matt Ryan? Joe Flacco? We know Kap and Russell Wilson will ever get to that level of QB play, they might win games, but they will never hit that level.  Pretty soon, it won't be QB's winning championships, teams will be trying to play like the 2000 Ravens, or 2013 Seahawks.  

6. We don't deserve Marshawn Lynch as NFL fans.  The Beast mode moniker has under sold how great a talent he truly is.  It makes it seem like's he just a guy running people over, he's much more.  His vision has allowed Seattle to ignore the offensive line, and build that defense through the draft, his quickness in and out of cuts has made the Zone blocking shceme work.  His pass blocking goes unnoticed, but he's great at it.  His ability out of the backfield has allowed Russell Wilson to progress and grow at a decent rate.  His determination to play is inspiring.  Lynch didn't start the game Sunday because, as Pete Carroll said, he couldn't get loose, and that's also why he had to leave the game.  He is literally giving his body to a team, and to a sport, and he's revered more for "Beast Mode" and "I'm about that action boss."  Marshawn Lynch is arguably a hall of famer, I just don't think he's gotten the appreciation he truly deserves. 

7. If you're surprised by Tyrod Taylor, you haven't been paying attention.  Tyrod Taylor was a good QB at VA Tech, drafted late because he was a project type of QB.  He was drafted, and sat behind Joe Flacco.  Each and every single preseason following his rookie year, he lit up the preseason.  Think of that the next time you say preseason doesn't count, I guarantee you NFL scouts noticed his performances. 

8. Offensive line play in the NFL is terrible, there's no need to elaborate, it's bad.  We're seeing back up QB's on four teams right now because they got hit in the pocket, as that number grows the NFL will become more unwatchable, the NFL can make all the rules they want to protect the QB, but if the offensive line can't do it, it doesn't matter. 

9. The Raiders are going to L.A. and they're going to be good.  They're young on offense, and if Aldon Smith stays out of trouble, and Mack will terrorize QB's.  

10. Jed York is the worse owner in the NFL, and this isn't football related.  He told Silicon Valley area voters the team would pay for 2 million in new soccer fields for the area's youth to play on during 49ers games, but then York decided not too after they approved the vote for the stadium.  I can't beleive I've lived long enough to see the 49ers be owned by the Donald Sterling of the NFL, and I'm only 28, so it will get worse.  

Thanks for reading.