Week 4 After thoughts

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1. The face above? That's the face of the dumbest person in all of sports, Jed York, CEO and President of the 49ers.  Fact, he ran a Great Head Coach out of town.  Fact, he told his GM (one of the best in Football) he Could only hire his guy, Adam Gase, if Gase took Jim Tomsula as the Defensive Coordinator.  The issue with that, Gase wanted Vic Fangio as the defensive coordinator, and Fangio would have stayed.  Now instead of a really smart offensive mind at Head coach, and a really good defensive coordinator, the 49ers are led, on offense, by a guy with no track record of being a successful Offensive Coordinator.  Everyone knew they needed to get better on offense, and they botched it, because of Jed York.  The decision to force Harbaugh out of town, and force Tomsula onto Gase has sent shock waves through the organization, and all the shock fell onto the once promising QB Colin Kaepernick.  Kap once was a franchise QB for the 49ers, a tireless worker with the most natural talent since Randall Cunningham.  Cunningham, like Kap had early success, then struggled because he was coached by a defensive minded Head Coach, and bad offensive coordinators in Philly.  It wasn't until 1998 that Cunningham had a season where he reached his immense Potential, throwing 35 TD's, and winning the MVP.  Can Kap do that? Certainly, the talent is there, the work ethic is there, and we saw him showing progress in weeks 1 and 2, but he's got to get out of SF this year.  The York family has ruined the QB position for the 49ers, and no QB will ever find success as long as they're in place.  Jed York already has one of his henchmen out there spewing anti Kap musings on the Radio.  Tim Ryan, the 49ers Broadcaster, was quoted as saying "Kap has already lost his WR's." Jed is already preparing a press conference explaining why the 49ers cut Kap, "The 49ers were built on great pocket passers, and we need to go get one." No Jed, the 49ers were built on a Head Coach that was a great offensive mind, that's something you wanted no part of.  Now, not only has Jed ran out a great Head Coach, he's ruined a QB who could have been good for a long time because he couldn't check his ego. As a 49ers fan, I'm prepared for the 10 years of suck, I hope the rest of the 49ers fans out there are.  The only way this gets turned around quickly? If the Saints fire Sean Payton, and the 49ers fire Tomsula and go get him. 

2. The Dolphin's should have fired Philbin last year.  They kept him around based on an emotinal win, and they shouldn't have.  Owner's and GM's should never make those decisions based on emotion.  Now, you have a potential franchise QB who was making progress in Ryan Tannehill who is essentially playing in a lost year.  The Dolphins were supposed to take over take the Patriots this year, just go look at and archives.  They signed Suh, Jordan Cameron, and drafted DaVante Adams, and the Patriots are still on top.  You ever wonder why they stay on top? They don't make emotional decisions, ever.  The Patriots always get rid of well liked franchise players perfectly on time, or at worse a year early, but never late, because they don't make emotinal decisions.  One day, it might happen to Tom Brady, and I will fully understand.  

3. The Lions need to at least fire their Offensive Coordinator.  He was scared against the Seahawks last night, he kept calling safe plays.  It wasn't until their last drive where he put the game in his offense's hands, and they nearly delivered.  Also, he ignored the advantage he had on the field.  Cary Williams for the Seahawks isn't that good.  He is surrounded by some pretty good guys, but he's not that good.  Calvin Johnson could have had his way with him, but they didn't want to do that.  I counted 4 times they targeted Cary Williams with Megatron, and every-time it was a completion.  Why didn't he keep going there? He's not a very good offensive coordinator.  Who knows if they game's outcome would have been different, but a coordinator ignoring that type of advantage is bad, the kind of bad that leaves the taste of spoiled milk in your mouth bad. 

4. The AFC south is really bad.  None of them have beat a team with a winning record.  The closest is a Dolphins team winning week 1 against the DC football team.  It's great for Andrew Luck, he gets to beat bad teams, and probably win his division again, which will hurt him in the long run.  The Colts end up with a draft slot they're not quite good enough to actually sit at, and Luck won't get the right amount of help.  He needs a better Oline, and for the team to actually get some picks right in the first round.  Remember, this team traded a first round pick for Trent Richardson.  That's bad. The Titans looked great, against a bad Bucs team week 1, now they've come back to earth.  Remember, Ken Wisenhunt was good when he had Kurt Warner, but he's never been good since as a head coach.  The Jaguars once took a a college QB, that was converting to WR, in Matt Jones from Arkansas.  They took him ahead of Aaron Rodgers.  The Texans might be wasting one of the greatest players we'll ever see by thinking Ryan Mallet and Brian Hoyer are acceptable starting QB's.  Their coach seems like a good one, hopefully he keeps JJ Watt from being wasted.  These are the franchises that make up the AFC south.  

5.  It seems no one really wants to take the Bengals seriously because their QB is Andy Dalton.  That's fair, he's not been very good in prime time games.  Yet, there the Bengals are sitting at 4-0, and spreading the ball around on offense.  A week after AJ Green had 227 receiving yards, and was the focal point of the offense, he had less targets than Mohammed Sanu.  This Bengals team is good, and balanced.  I am not saying they will unseat the Patriots in the AFC, but if they win Sunday, against a Seattle team the national media guys love, it's time they get some real respect, and that includes Andy Dalton. 

6. This Seahawks team doesn't look as good as years past.  I won't take anything away from what the defense did the last two weeks, they were great.  But, they've only scored 5 offensive TD's, and none of those are rushing TD's.  Special teams, and defense can carry them against bad opponents like Detroit, and Chicago, but they will play tougher games.  Some of it is the offensive line, they do need time to gel together, and actually learn to play offensive line in some cases.  A part of it, is also the addition of Jimmy Graham.  Seattle has averaged 0.0 YPC when running to the TE side while he is in the game.  Now, this is just my theory, but I think during the Monday night game, they brought in Luke Wilson to give them a run or pass option during some of the 3rd and 4th quarter.  There was a period I didn't see Graham on the field, and the offense seemed a bit more spry.  Now, this could be coincidence, or it could mean it's been hard for them to work in a player who hasn't quite played in their recent philosophy.  Either way, they need to figure it out, I think they can, and lean towards they will, but I also caution against believing they're the team of years past because they should be 1-3 right now.  At times when Graham had to block, it looked like has only giving half an effort, I wonder if at some point, someone on the team gets in his face about that effort, or maybe he's just that bad at blocking.  Two things I know about the Seahawks; One is their defense will again rank top 5 in all major categories, and two they need to pass block better before Russell Wilson is the next Starting QB holding a clip board.  

7.  The missed call on Monday night was bad, but the rule is just as bad, even worse was Calvin Johnson losing the ball.  What was good about it, Kam Chancellor giving an all out effort until the last inch, and maybe saving the Seahawks season.  That play sums up what most people love an hate about Football: a Great player makes a great play, but the referees miss a crucial call, such is life in the NFL.  In the bigger picture, maybe this play will improve the officiating in the NFL, because it's bad.

8. Does anyone  get the feeling we're counting down the days until the Patriots and the Packers play in the Super Bowl? They (currently) are head and shoulders are above the rest of the NFL, yet this isn't a forgone conclusion.  Aaron Rodgers isn't perfect in the playoffs, and has lost at home (in less games) during the playoffs as many times than all other GB QB's combined.  The Patriots, we'll they have an easier road then the Packers, so who knows, maybe they become the first Franchise to repeat two separate times.  

9.  Teams already seem like they're trying to tank the Season for Jared Goff.  A few things wrong with that, one he's a Junior and could return next year.  Two, most QB's that don't spend 4 years don't fare well in the NFL, or they need to sit for a few years like Aaron Rodgers did.  The Games I've watched he hasn't looked better (in college) than Derek Carr or Teddy Bridgewater.  Those two QB's now 2nd year are slightly above average starters right now, what's to say that Jared Goff won't be the same?  Obviously it's too early to say Derek Carr or Teddy Bridgewater will only be slightly above average QB's, but considering how many QB's bust, it's fair to wonder if Goff is worthy of tanking for.  I also think young QB's are discarded to soon, but I'll address that another time. 

10.  Cam Newton isn't yet getting the Credit he deserves for the job he does without much talent.  He has been successful throwing to Ted Ginn Jr, something not easy to do.  His defense does a lot to, but Cam is still a legitimate MVP candidate at this point, if you get a chance, watch his game October 18th, it could be him putting everyone on notice that he's a legit MVP candidate.