Week 5 Picks

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers have two Full Backs on their roster, and are still built on Aaron Rodgers arm.  What do the two full backs do? Well, they keep the football gods happy.  Vince Lombardi, and Bill Walsh are nodding accordingly as the Packers are dominating teams week in and week out.  With that said, Walsh and Lombardi are also punishing the NFL for the way College football has completely switched to Spread offenses, they're punishing the NFL with terrible Oline play.  Nothing can be done about it, unless your the Patriots and you adjust your offense to quick strike passes to compensate for bad Oline play.  Seriously, Tom Brady is releasing the ball on average of 1.96 seconds into his drop back, insane.  It seems like all signs point to a homecoming for the kid from Chico, CA and the kid from San Mateo, CA but they play the games for a reason, so we might as well take guesses. 

Cheifs over Bears

Just a couple one 1-3 teams getting ready to do battle.  The Cheifs are better than their record, each team they've lost to is undefeated.  The Bears win last week just guarantees they won't go 0-16.  Cheifs win this game to get to 2-3.  

Bengals over Seahawks

One Quarterback playing in this game, everyone believes in.  The other Quarterback, no one believes in.  The one they believe in is Russell Wilson, at one point they were asking if he's a top 5 QB in the NFL, he's not, top 10 maybe, top 5 is a big LOL.  Then you have Andy Dalton, who is playing great, and looks to be turning a corner other young QB's haven't yet gotten too, he's throwing WR's open, not waiting for them to sit in a spot.  Beyond the QB position, Seattle is only better than Cincinnati in the secondary.  Pete Carroll is a better coach and could make up for that, but I doubt it.  If this were a 1-3 Seattle team heading into The Cincy Jungle, I wouldn't hesitate to pick the Bengals, but I did hesistate, but I'm still picking the Bengals.  

Falcons over the DC Football Team

Jay Gruden isn't cut out to be a NFL Head Coach.  Offensive Coordinator? Yes, Head Coach no.  Dan Quinn? He's good, and he's going to be 5-0.  

The Bye Weeks teams over the Jags VS Bucs

Seriously, Jags vs Bucs? I ask you Mr. Walsh and Lombardi, what did we do to deserve this? I guess Jameis can have a good game, and Blake Bortles could turn the corner, but who knows.  Forced to pick a winner, I'd say Bucs because Gus Bradley shouldn't be a Head Coach. 

Saints over Eagles

Is Chip Chelly going to be leading the USC Trojans, Miami Hurricanes, or the Eagles next year? Can we assume none of them? Because he won't be in Philly Next year, while I don't think Sean Payton will be in The Big Easy next year either.  The Winner gets a week free of rumors, the loser gets a week full of rumors, can't wait for the Chip Kelly to USC Rumors/ 

Ravens over Browns

Listen to me John Harbaugh, you lose this game, and I give up on you.  You're a top 5 coach in the league, time to make sure your coordinators aren't idiots.  You're on 10 days rest, make your team play like it.  The Browns are strong in the middle, run outside.  Ravens over the Browns because I believe in John Harbaugh.

Packers over Rams

The Rams beat the Cardinals last week, guess what, they're also coached by Jeff Fisher, so they are going to win 7 games again.  Todd Gurley looks really good, he might carry the Frank Gore to Marshawn Lynch torch as the Dominant back in that division, but Jeff Fisher will make sure they don't win.  Also, the Rams are playing against The Kid from Chico, good luck.

Bills over Titans

Mariota is a now the greatest College Football player ever.  Seriously, look at how Oregon has fallen without him, I find serious joy in that.  The problem is Mariota plays for the Titans in the NFL.  Coming after Mariota will be 3-5 Pro Bowlers at a time, Veteran NFL QB's struggle with that, a rookie, LOL good luck. 

Cardinals over Lions

The Lions should have a win, but it got poked away from them, and poked into a week that's not week 5.  AZ coming off a loss, Bruce Arians will have them ready, while I am just counting the days until the Lions Offensive Coordinator to get fired.  Hopefully it's a shoot out so MegaTron fantasy owners aren't sad panda. 

Patriots over Cowboys

All you need to know is that Jerry Jones supported Roger Goddell during deflate gate.  Greg Hardy said "I hope Tom's wife is at the game, and her sister." Yeah, you won't like Tom when he's angry. 

Raiders over Broncos

THE NATION IS BACK! Jack Del Rio will now how to attack Denver.  Aldon Smith, and Khalil Mack are going to harass Peyton and shut down the run game.  Charles Woodson is still out there doing Heisman things in the NFL.  Broncos are better, but you don't want none of THE NATION today Peyton. RAAAAIIIIIIDDDDDDEEEEEEERRRSSSS RAAAAAIIIIDDDDDEEEEERRRRRRRSSSSS RAAAIIIIIDDDDDEEEEEERRRRRRRSSSSSSS

49ers over Giants

Heck, why not pick them? The 49ers have paid employees out there doing Radio interviews blaming everything on Kap.  Seriously he said "The OLine is Bad, the Run Game isn't working, the WR's can't make plays without being open, but KAP STILL NEEDS TO PLAY WELL." That makes no sense.  Kap has played poorly, that's a given, but he's been able to snap out of it because he had a good coach, no he has Matilda's dad coaching him.  Kap takes more heat for decent games then some QB's do Bad games, and he looks shaken now. He could snap out of it, but he won't until he's playing in Denver next year.  My reason for picking the 49ers? Eli hasn't had a game with multiple picks thrown yet, he's due for a classic Eli game.  

Chargers over Steelers

I don't think Mike Vick gets credit for the way he changed after his prison sentence.  He has since become a spokesman against dog fighting, and animal violence, paid all his fines, and righted his life.  Why in our country do we all care about the fall, but not the rise?  What he did was wrong, and I picked him to win today I'd be wrong, so I'm not.  Phillip Rivers is the most underrated QB in the league over the last 8 years or so.  The Chargers have done a poor job surrounding him with an Oline or Running game, and he still performs. The Winner will be the San Diego, Super Chargers!

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