Week 6 Picks

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It is beyond insane that Cam Newton has been able to make Ted Ginn Jr look like an effective WR. He's been in the league for a good amount of time, and has never been more than a good returner, but not with Cam. In Newton, the Panthers have a Franchise QB, who people don't want to admit is as good as he truly is. Consistently ranked behind Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck, and maybe more to some, his performance with an average (at best) Supporting cast has been completely over looked. He's taking less sacks, and turning the ball over less. Newton has a huge opportunity to put his stamp on the league Sunday as he plays a team no one thinks he'll beat. What do I think? You will have to check down below. 

On to my picks

The Jets over the DC guys

Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard if you didn't know, he's really smart. In fact, he's smarter than the DC guys coach, Jay Gruden. Jay Gruden is so dumb, he's not playing Colt McCoy. The Jets, during this game will intercept Kirk Cousins 3 times and win, LOL at Jay Gruden. 

Cardinals over Steelers

If Big Ben were playing I'd pick the other way, but he's not, so I'm picking the Birds to fly into Ketchup field, and leave as winners. 

Vikings over Cheifs 

Vikings have won a bunch of games in a row at home. They have this 2012 Seahawks thing about them, that they're better at home than the road, only Bridgewater is better at this point than RW was then, so obviously Vikings win. 

Bengals over Bills

Bengals get to play again E.J. Manuel, that's a gift from the football gods. This was a game I thought they would lose, until E.J. became the starter due to injury. If the Bengals lose, it tells us more about the Bills than it does the Bengals. Bills defense is good, and should carry them to at least 9-7, winning this good bump that to 10 and the playoffs. 

Miami over Tennessee 

Fact, Dan Campbell, new Dolphins head coach, was Jeremy Shockey's bash brother, would you pick against that guy? If NFL coaches had a Hunger games, this dude might be win, the Dolphins will play physical football at the point of attack and win this weak. 

Broncos over Cleveland 

Peyton Manning is on the waiver wire in my fantasy league. I never thought I'd type that. Not that it matters though because his defense is the best in the NFL. Broncos are looking like the 2000 Ravens and their QB is Peyton Manning, twilight zone. 

Chicago over Detroit 

Top 5 QB's in the league right now? Rodgers, Brady, Big Ben, and then who? Andrew Luck and his struggles? Russell Wilson and his terrible 7 offensive TD's through 5 games? Anyone named Matt? Phillip Rivers? Ok, Rivers is good, but who's number 5? It's Jay Cutler. While, Cutler isn't usually worth mentioning here, he's been really good under Adam Gase. Part of me thinking he's 5th best is how and the NFL is at QB, and his progress under Gase as his OC. Coaching matters, Jay Cutler is going to smoke the Lions. 

Green Bay over San Diego 

San Diego on a short week, going on the road, against a team who hasn't lost at home since January 2014. I love love love Rivers, he's going to the Hall of fame if I have a vote, but the Kid from chico is too good at home. 

Seattle over Carolina

No game did I think about more this week than this one. I'm either going to be the first person who sees Seattle is falling apart, and Pete Carroll might be looking for an exit strategy, or they'll go on a run and win the division. The only reason I'm not picking Carolina is Seattle is at home. Russell Wilson has been running into sacks, and getting happy feet in the pocket, so a Seattle loss wouldn't shock me (watch Bengals 4th quarter and you'll see what I'm talking about here) but that defense at home will win the game for him again. Calling this one 16-13, Seattle. But Panthers cover the spread. 

49ers over Ravens

Well, well, well, they meet again. Two 1-4 teams who faced off in the Super Bowl. Great thing here is, both teams could easily be 2-3, but footballs bounce in weird ways. Someone has to get to 2-4, someone has to get to 1-5. Might as well be the home team getting the win. If Kap plays like he did last week, 49ers can win their next 3, but there's nothing to make us beleive he will. Even if he doesn't play that well, the Ravens have been so decimated by injuries they're singing guys off the street, I feel for John  Harbaugh. 

Patrios over Colts

Colts made Tom Brady mad, they started all this Deflate Gate stuff. The boy from San Mateo, CA, TOOOOMMMM BRRAAADDDYYYY is going to run up the score. Solder being out won't be an issue, he's getting rid of the ball so fast this year, I could play oline for him. 

Giants over Eagles

People thought Sam Bradford is better than he is. If you're a fan of the NFC West teams, you're laughing at them, and we still are. Eli is now the best Manning in real life, and has been in my heart from the start. 

Thanksfor reading.