49ers vs Seahawks Quick Thoughts

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

1. Aaron Lynch should never be in coverage. He's the 49ers most productive pass rusher, and taking what he's best at away is dumb. 

2. Russell Wilson really misses Max Unger. With Unger at Center, RW didn't have to make the line calls and identify blitz packages. Now, that he doesn't have him, that's being put on RW shoulders, and he can't carry that weight. He's running into sacks on his own sometimes because he doesn't see the blitz coming. 

3. The 49ers need Daniel Kilgore to be back sooner rather than later. Marcus Martin is 21, and needs time to develop at the NFL level. Kilgore drafted in 2011, was given that time and was playing at a Pro Bowl level before his injury. Like Wilson, Kap is being forced to make the line calls most the time, when he doesn't see it, he to is sacked. 

4. On the Greg Olsen TD, people are talking about two different coverages being called. Maybe there was, but the entire defense didn't go to the huddle, you know Chancellor and Thomas are the ones that didn't. With that also, Thomas moved to his right immediately, because Cam moved him with his eyes, before coming back to Olsen. Credit should be given to Cam. Don't believe me, watch the play. I did, 15 times. 

5. 49ers are rotating defensive line players, but with no regularity. Dorsey isn't a pass rusher, but he's getting snaps in the Nickel. I don't get this, honestly, it's confusing. 

6. The Panthers ran an end around for a 7 yard again on their first TD drive, this play worked because Michael Bennett knifed into the backfield playing pass only, and letting the Panthers get to the outside, is he playing for sacks to prep for a holdout?

7. Ahmad Brooks returned and gave maximum effort. Most effort I've seen from him since 2013, but he was a step slow. Was this due to age, or due to the week and a half he missed? Maybe we'll know tomorrow. 

8. Seahawks don't have a talented nickel corner. This doesn't allow them to play the Man Free they used to play on 3rd downs. When they do play this set, Deshean Shead, and Cary Williams are easy targets, if the opposing team can stop the pass rush. 

9. 49ers are a better team when they plan simple man coverage, but they don't do that a lot. Jimmy Graham might look good again this week because he excels against zone coverage. 

10. Russell Wilson is completing a higher percentage of his passes, but they're not on target like they used to be. They ran a screen pass to Jimmy Graham and Doug Baldwin both where the ball placement slowed the develop of the play. Does he have happy feet? And why in the world would you run a screen pass to Jimmy Graham? 

11. 49ers have their own version of Tyler Lockette, his name is Bruce Ellington, but he can't stay on the field, so he's more Percy Harvin. 

12. Who's the best player the Seahawks have drafted since 2012? Tyler Lockett? Is John Schneider losing it?

13. Outside of Aaron Lynch, have the 49ers drafted anyone since 2011 that you can say will be a good player for a long time? Eric Reid maybe, (hasn't looked the same) then who else? 

14. Both of these highly rated GM's have had considerable misses recently, the talent isn't the same on either side. 

15. Despite both teams blowing drafts, repeatedly, Seahawks have more talent, and the better coach, and they'll win. But, my question (as a 49ers fan) does it really matter? Neither team is winning a Super Bowl this year or next. 

Thanks for reading.