Week 7 Picks

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Whether Peyton or Andrew, Tom owns the colts.  Well actually, Tom owns the whole league.  This regular season is nearly pointless, the Patriots will probably win the Super Bowl, the only two teams who can realistically stop them are the Broncos and Steelers. Onto the picks. 

Bucs over DC Guys

Kirk Cousins is terrible, but because he hasn't played a marquee game he's escaping criticism on a national level.  That's the reason for picking the Bucs, if you need more, Gerald McCoy will dominate the Bucs offensive line today. Also, Jay Gruden is a terrible head coach, he should be the 2nd coach fired this year. 

Falcons over Titans

This Falcons team is over rated.  They aren't that good, but their schedule is so easy they're going to win 11 games and play a wild card playoff game on the road to a team that wins 9 or 10.  To recap, the NFL is stupid, and the Falcons are over rated. I can't pick the Titans because their coach too sucks, a lot.

Colts over Saints

Colts are terrible playing out of their division, but I think Sean Payton will make sure his team loses because he wants to get out of New Orleans, Drew Brees is old, and does anyone think he wants to rebuild there? I didn't think so. 

Vikings over the Lions

The Vikings are a good football team.  I've been saying all year, them making the playoffs will come down to beating Seattle at home.  Both teams are going to win 10 games, and the winner of that will have the tie breaker for the 2nd wild card.  Also, the Lions suck, they suck a lot. 

Steelers over the Cheifs 

No one has realized it yet, but the Steelers are quite possibly the 3rd best team in the NFL.  When healthy they have the 3rd best QB. They have the best RB.  They have the Best WR and the best WR tandem.  But what is making them so good this year? Casey Heyward, Stephen Tuitt, and that front 7! Steelers are going to be dominating people when Big Ben gets back, the AFC is very good this year, can they make it out of there for the Super Bowl?

Rams over Browns

You know, just a couple of teams with average coaches, and maybe average QB's? Rams win because their defensive line is what everyone football fan wants, if you're saying you don't, you probably think Russell Wilson is a top tier QB, and are voting for Trump. Idiots. 

Dolphins over Texans

Clowney is a bust. Texans don't have a QB. Dolphins suck a little less than the Texans.  Dan Campbell was Jeremy Shockey's bash brother, you don't pick against that guy. 

Patriots over Jets

Say it with me everyone "Deflate Gate was a fallacy, Tom Brady isn't a cheater, and he's the greatest QB of his generation." Guess what? Tom and Bill still remember you talking bad about them, they're on a revenge tour.  Next Victim, the Jets. Also, Ryan Fitzpatrick is throwing passes that can be intercepted at a rate higher than anyone. 

Chargers over Raiders

I read this week that an entire section of Raiders fans was arrested one time.  That's incredible, but that won't help defend future hall of famer Phillip Rivers. 

Cowboys over Giants

Because McClain, Hardy, Sean Lee are all playing together and I like what that means for the Dallas defense. 

Panthers over Eagles

I told everyone a few weeks ago Cam Newton deserved more recognition, and I still don't think he's getting enough.  If you ask a 49ers fan or Seahawks fan if they'd trade Kap or RW for Cam right now, and they tell you "No" they're speaking with their fan heart, and aren't thinking logically.  Also, Sam Bradford against that defense? HA!