Week 8 Picks

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, Phillip Rivers will end up as this generations Dan Marino.  Arguably one of the greatest QB's to ever play, but he won't get the recongnition he deserves because he won't be in position to win a super bowl.  On the bright side for Phillip Rivers he has 8 kids, he's one away from his family being able to field one side of the ball with he and his wife. That is super cool. Anyway, if you have him in fantasy you should play him, he's playing really well, he just happens for the Los Angeles Chargers who aren't very good :(

Falcons over the Bucs

The Bucs once won a superbowl, and that's cool.  The Falcons have never won a Super Bowl, that's not cool.  But, the Bucs Head Coach hasn't been trying sicne taking over in Tampa Bay, I'm not sure he's not a hologram on game day. Falcons win BIG

Cardinals over the Browns 

Bruce Arians stated during the week he expected to become the Browns Head Coach at some point, they choose someone else. I imagine he's pissed, and he'll make sure Cleveland knows it. Just like God hates you Cleveland, so does Bruce Arians. 

Rams over the 49ers

The 49ers keep playing this Tuba player named Jordan Devey at Left Guard, and he's not good at all.  They also keep playing this juice maker Vernon Davis at Tight End.  Meanwhile, the Rams are looking like an 8 win team instead of 7, this will be one of the 8. 

Saints over the Giants

Saints are at home, they're rolling right now. The Super Dome will intimidate OBJ because he's over rated, and the Saints go marching on. 

Vikings over the Bears

No one has noticed, but the Vikings might be the best team in the NFC who isn't undefeated right now. This week they play a Bears team who drafted a WR that hasn't played yet this year in the first round. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL NFL your product sucks. But we keep watching, anyway we'll be watching the Bears lose this one. 

Chargers and Ravens Tie

BOLD PREDICTION right? Who cares, this is a game of two teams everyone thought would go to the playoffs, and now they're not. The NFL where no one is good. 

Steelers over the Bengals

If the Steelers played in the NFC they could get a 1 seed with Big Ben healthy all year, probably make the playoffs with a backup.  The Bengals would be the best team in the NFC.  Point is, the NFC sucks, one of these two good teams has to lose today, I'm picking the road team to lose. 

Texans over the Titans

JJ Watt will be beating Offensive linemen like a drum today. 

Jets over Raiders

Did anyone think this would be a meaningful game in August? No, no one did, well here it is. Harvard vs Fresno St at QB, Revis Island vs Cooper at WR/DB, and no Geno Smith.  Well, Fitz and the J-E-T-S will win. 

Seahawks over the Cowboys

The Seahawks will be 4-4 without beating a team with a winning record. If Tony Romo were healthy, I don't see Seattle as having a chance, but he's not. Congratulations Seattle, you're at .500 without a meaningful win yet. 

Broncs over the Packers

The Packers don't lose a lot, but when they do it's on the road.  Also, they miss Jordy because Jordy is always open. 

Panthers over the Colts

Colts will lose but still win their division, and make the playoffs at 7-9. They'll host and win a playoff game, and everyone will be complaining how the Jets got cheated. 

This and That

This week all of the "experts will be saying how Seattle is back." They'll ignore the quality of wins, doesn't matter, they're back.  The NFL hates the west coast, there is only 2 afternoon games this week. That's bullshit. How about no more London Games? How about no more Thursday games? I hate the NFL, but I love football. Here I am watching...The Browns might trade Joe Thomas. If you don't know who Joe Thomas is, you're an idiot.  He is the best offensive lineman in the NFL and has been since he was a rookie in 2007. The Browns will Brown I guess. Andy Reid is a better coach than most the NFL, that's sad. The 49ers coach used to sell Vacuums. Ken Wisenhunt convinced people he wasn't bad with a week 1 win, I was never convinced, he sucks as a coach, he's a great OC and should stick there.